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Trump Blasts Russia Dossier

The discredited dossier by an ex-British spy has been attacked by President Trump. The President branded it a disgrace for Democrats to embrace, adding that it was part of a plan to attack him and argue for Congress to create a special commission to investigate Russian intervention in the 2016 election.

President Trump’s campaign was accused of an elaborate criminal conspiracy with Russia to hack Democratic Party computers. The accusations were mainly from the unverified 35-page series of memos by Christopher Steele. Rep. Adam B. Schiff of California, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, read parts of the dossier into the hearing record on March 20, alongside three other Democrats, as he argued for a commission.

President Trump was speaking during an exclusive interview with The Washington Times on the Democratic tactic. He said that it’s a disgrace, adding that the dossier has been totally discredited, also pointed out that Adam Schiff is totally partisan and that the Russia story is a fake story which was made up so that they can justify the fact that Hillary Clinton lost an election that a Democrat should not lose because it’s almost impossible for a Democrat to lose the Electoral College.

One of the renowned reporters Bob Woodward labeled the dossier as garbage. The dossier was initially shunned by the liberal media. But in recent weeks, sites such as CNN and CBS began to try to rehabilitate it, quoting unnamed sources as saying parts of it are true.

Mr. Steele has been identified simply as a former British MI6 intelligence officer. In his dossier role, he was not an objective intelligence analyst, but instead was on the payroll of a Hillary Clinton backer, through Fusion GPS, to produce information that would injure the Trump campaign.

The FBI offered Mr. Steele $50,000 last fall to continue investigating Trump aides, but the deal did not go through. In response to the FBI wanting to partner with an anti-Trump opposition research agent, Trump said that was very disgraceful.

Mr. Steele wrote the memos from June to December as a hired gun for a Clinton backer via the Washington-based opposition research firm.

The six targets of Mr. Steele’s allegations, including the president and a Russian diplomat once posted in Washington, have denied his allegations. They say they never met with the people with whom Mr. Steele said they conspired or associated.

However, the denials have not stopped Democrats, and some liberal news sites, from asserting that the dossier is true. During the March 20 House Intelligence Committee hearing, featuring the FBI and National Security Agency directors, Mr. Schiff quoted from the dossier as he argued his case for an investigative commission, as opposed to the ongoing probes in the House and the Senate.

Michael J. Morell, former acting CIA director, said Mr. Steele paid intermediaries to talk to former Russian intelligence officers who are noted for peddling innuendo and rumor.


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