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Trump Willing to Meet Face-to-Face with Kim Jong-Un

If that's what it would take to solve the North Korea problem that's burdening the U.S. and its close Asian allies Japan and South Korea, then a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, no matter how seemingly improbable, is not an idea President Donald Trump would be opposed to.

Trump said he would meet with Kim "if it's under the right circumstances". Trump added that if it's appropriate for him to meet with the North Korean leader, then he would be "honored to do it". President Trump made the revelation in an interview with Bloomberg News on Monday.

Trump also said in the interview that he is aware that most political people would never say that they'd be willing to meet with the barbaric leader, but he'll do it if under the right circumstances. Trump even said that if that should happen, then there would be "breaking news."

For his part, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said during his daily briefing that such a meeting remains hypothetical for now. Spicer said the conditions for the meeting between Trump and Kim "were not there yet". Spicer discussed the right circumstances that Trump has alluded to for the meeting between the two leaders to be possible. He said North Korea's provocative actions and statements should stop immediately. Spicer said it would be necessary for Kim to commit to dismantling his nuclear program that poses a "threat to the region and to the U.S."

Spicer also clarified that Trump saying he would be "honored" to meet with Kim is just borne out of Trump's understanding of the huge threat that North Korea poses. He said that Kim, after all, is still a head of state. He said that there is a diplomatic piece to the issue, but that the bottom line is Trump as President is "going to do what he has to do." For now, Spicer said Trump is doing a lot building a coalition in the region to isolate North Korea both economically and diplomatically to be able to take the threat down.

Trump has been working with allies Japan and South Korea, and exerting pressure on China, the biggest ally of North Korea in the region, to decide on the best strategy in stopping the rogue state's nuclear ambitions. In a previous interview, Trump said he does not want to reveal too much details on his plan to contain North Korea as he compared his strategy to a chess game, hence the need to keep quiet about the potential "next move."

North Korea has just made its third attempt to test missiles over the weekend but the latest try failed anew. The reclusive nation has claimed that it would attempt another test "soon". A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THADD) missile defense system has been installed in South Korea by the U.S. military. The THADD is one of the means for dealing with further aggression from North Korea. It has reached an initial operating capability to defend against North Korean missiles.


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