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Russian Airplane Suffers Massive Turbulence Causing Injuries To Passengers

Extreme turbulence hit an Aeroflot flight from Moscow bound for Bangkok causing injuries to terrified passengers, and horrifically even sending babies to fly out of their mothers' arms.

At least 20 people including three babies suffered major injuries like suspected broken spines in the aerial incident. A video clip of the carnage shows passengers lying injured in the aisle after they were thrown off created by the impact of the wild, strong several successive areas of turbulence that hit a Boeing 777 plane packed with tourists en route to Bangkok.

The poor babies flew out of their mothers' arms by the force of the severe turbulence just one hour before landing down Bangkok, Thailand. People walking in the aisle and those without seat belts became especially vulnerable to the force of the turbulence and were injured.Luggage, food and drinks and other stuff of the passengers can be seen strewn all over the cabin. It looked like a huge mess, similar to the chaos following an earthquake for instance.

One passenger, Evgenia Zibrova, posted a shocking video of the incident. She said numerous air pockets one hour before landing led to broken bones, internal and external bleeding. Many people from the rear cabin have broken their noses. Zibrova also thinks several passengers may have broken their spines as well.

It was also a shock that Zibrova said some people may have even lost consciousness following the powerful turbulence that hit their flight. It was also unfortunate that babies were covered in bruises.

Zibrova said that she is still thankful they are alive. She called on Aeroflot to please help the affected passengers. Russians and foreign citizens were among those in the flight. The flight crew tried to keep control of the aircraft. Bruised passengers were treated with first aid after the incident while still onboard flight SU 270.

Injured passengers were rushed to the hospital when they arrived in Bangkok. 19 passengers were said to be hospitalized in the Thai capital, with two undergoing urgent surgery.

A source said that the Boeing 777 suddenly got into the zone of strong turbulence before starting to descend. The source said there had been no order to fasten seat belts at that moment. As a result, the plane was said to have been jolted by hundreds of meters, and some passengers were thrown into the space between the chairs suffering traumas. The Russian embassy in Bangkok is said to be providing assistance to the injured passengers.

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