By: Savannah Smith | 10-23-2016 | News
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TRUMP AGAINST AT&T and Time Warner Merger

Trump pledges to undo the AT&T and Time Warner merger once elected as president; warns of too much concentration of power among few media giants

Warning against the dangerous prospect for any society of " too much power in the hands of too few", Republican nominee Donald Trump vows that if elected president, he would break up or undo the $85 billion mega merger of AT& T and Time Warner.

Arguing that the said merger is an example of too much concentration of power, Trump used the said big industry developing news to again blast at mainstream media who he said " are trying to tell voters what to think and do."

Trump took his beef with mainstream media who he described as " corrupt",

"dishonest" and part of the rigged system. He admonished them for taking a part in the fabrication of so many stories against him, and publishing or airing them without the benefit of any fact checking, all in the effort to make him look bad and dangerous to voters. On the other hand, Trump has always been critical of how media are turning a blind eye on the many sins of Hillary against the American people.

The Republican nominee also took issue with how most of the mainstream media are not reporting about the massive crowds attending and supporting his rallies. In contrast, he pointed out that the media are also not sharing the fact that only small crowds attend Hillary's rallies and events.

Trump also shared his disappointment with the non-reports by media of how he is leading in three national polls. By refusing to report on the positive developments and features of his campaign, Trump said that the media are trying to " suppress his vote."

The billionaire said such mergers as the imminent AT&T and Time Warner, similar to Amazon's purchase of The Washington Post a few years ago, are deals that " destroy democracy".

It is also very likely that the purchase of telecom giant AT&T of Time Warner would include the acquisition of CNN and HBO.

The merger is also expected to face close scrutiny from the Justice Department and from the Federal Communications Commission.

Trump is also keen on breaking up the Comcast-NBC Universal merger.

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