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Subway Train Hits Man Hard In The Face

A subway train hit an unsuspecting straphanger in the face on the Upper West Side Sunday afternoon. Witnesses said that the man was walking down the platform of the 96th St. Station on Broadway at about 2 p.m. when he turned his head and was struck by an incoming No. 1 train.

Witnesses further said that the conductor appeared unaware that the man had been hit and just kept heading downtown. EMTs quickly arrived and gave treatment to the injured man who was heavily bleeding at that time. The man remained conscious while EMTs attended to him.

Paramedics also rushed the injured victim to St.Luke's Hospital. Officials said the man was in serious condition. An MTA spokesman said that it appeared as if the victim walked into an oncoming train.

Sunday's incident is not the first time an accident along the subway happened this year. Only on April 2, a 13-year-old girl trying to retrieve her phone after it accidentally fell onto New York City subway tracks has been struck and killed by a train.

On March 8, 25-year-old Chinese immigrant Sophie Yu lost her right arm and leg when she suffered a fainting spell, fell onto the subway tracks and was unfortunately struck by an oncoming train. The driver was able to see Yu fall and mightily tried to slam on the brakes, but sadly was not able to stop the train in time to help Yu. Yu was rushed to the hospital where she got into serious but stable condition.Yu studied finance and graduated magna cum laude of Wharton school. Her family was left devastated by the terrible accident.

Only on April 23 last week, a senior base airman died after a Manhattan subway hit him. The victim was identified as Air Force Airman 1st Class Montiel Alleyne, an aerial port apprentice assigned to the 621st Contingency Response Squadron. The incident was under investigation at the time of its reporting last week.

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Anonymous No. 2633 2017-05-01 : 04:37

That's why the japs have safety walls now.

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