By: Savanah Smith | 10-23-2016 | News
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Did Hillary turn a blind eye to Bill's cheating?

Hillary Clinton has been very shrewd in capitalizing on the controversies that rocked Donald Trump

especially on the decade-old recording and the allegations of sexual assaults by several women,

the latter something Trump believes is part of Hillary camp's orchestrated fictional attacks against him.

Which reveals another hypocrisy into Hillary's character when on her end, she would rather keep mum when far

graver issues against her own husband are raised,

specifically, his illicit affairs.

Fresh wave of Wikileaks emails released today discloses how Hillary's top aides get rattled in 2014 on how to

best cope with the potential onslaught of controversies and intrigues with the release of the book

"The First Family in Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents"

by known Clinton critic author Edward Klein. One of the most explosive revelations in the book is the affair of

Bill Clinton with blonde Julie McMahon naughtily nicknamed by Bill's secret agents as the " energizer bunny."

Bill's mistress according to the book gained her infamous code name from the agents because she would always

visit Bill in their New York home whenever Hillary was away on travel. The agents said they were under instructions

to let McMahon inside and not to bother her- or her activities with Bill. The affair was said to have gone on for years.

McMahon was a neighbor of the Clintons in Chappaqua, New York, same home where

Hillary installed and kept her private email server.

In the Wikileak email, Hillary's close aide Cheryl Mills forwarded a Daily Mail article about the book to

Hillary campaign chair and former chief of staff of Bill, John Podesta.

The email had the subject line "Who's the energizer who has been Clinton's secret lover?".

Podesta even managed to joke about the matter, but did not refute the book's allegation.

He responded to Mills and carbon copied another Bill aide Tina Fluomoy.

Podesta wrote: "Well, they sure managed to get every name into one story. I guess you got to give them credit for that."

Fluomoy responded with a quick proposal for an evening conference call with Team Clinton that same night to discuss

"the Energizer Bunny."

In May this year, McMahon was in the news when Wall Street Journal identified a company she reportedly

partially owned as a beneficiary of $2 million from the Clinton Global Initiative. This signifies another potential

area of conflict of interest where Bill and their Clinton Foundation are concerned.

This latest revelation can make many women wonder how Hillary can claim to promote women's rights when

she could tolerate and turn a blind eye to her husband's shameless cheating, keeping silent all for the sake of politics?

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