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A violent assault left a 19-year-old Malaysian worker with a knife sticking out of her face. The poor woman was getting off work when she had to cross a dark alleyway and was violently assaulted by a robber. The teen didn't give up her valuables without a fight, and the attacker stabbed her several times before leaving the knife stuck in her face and fleeing.

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The attacker tried to grab her handbag but when she resisted the attacker plunged a knife into her face. Video footage from the scene documented the aftermath as the victim sits covered in blood with the blade lodged in her cheek. Somehow, the brave young woman managed to stay conscious and relatively calm while emergency services responded. A witness said, "The victim was struggling with the man who had stolen her valuables."

"The man stabbed the victim's face with a knife then ran away with it still stuck there. He escaped, and the woman was covered in blood. She was helped by members of the public.'' The victim was treated at a nearby hospital, and police officers waited to take her statement.

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Nik Ros Azhan Nik Abdul Hamid, the Seberang Perai Central District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner, said they were searching for a "well-built man." Hamid also said, "The victim, who is from Chai Leng Park in Perai, sustained injuries to her abdomen and neck. Her right cheek was also badly injured after the robber stabbed her with a knife."

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The photo seems real. Watch the hair parting, and eyebrows. Their are other visible signs as well.

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