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Where and When: The Antifa May 1 Riots New York / US

Refresh this article [f5] for the latest on how much damage these little bastards are causing and what is being done about it.


"Hoods4Justice" will be having a meet-and-greet at Grand Central Terminal at 9am.

At 12:30 pm, the "Brandworkers" will be hosting the 6th Annual Immigrant Worker Justice Tour in Washington Square Park. Looks like you might need to pack a lunch along with your rioting gear.

At 3:30 pm, the "Anti-Fascist Bloc March" will be taking place in Union Square.

And at 7 pm, the "Noise Demo" will commence in Columbus Park.

The itinerary explains that "the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) calls on comrades in the New York City area to join us and march in solidarity with immigrants and workers this May Day." And further, "This year’s march is unpermitted [sic]."

Looks like quite a productive day they've got planned out. They may run into a few glitches considering the NYPD, MTA Police, Port Authority and FBI are now aware of their plans. It might be a good idea to pre-arrange bail money and legal representation. IGD did not specify in their invite if they could assist in these matters.

The group is, however, asking for donations to "help us grow and expand!"

Comments on - the board that discovered the invite - were curiously encouraging:

"Nice. NYPD will get to have fun kicking their teeth in. I'll need to get some popcorn."

"Good, I hope they do something stupid and get killed by cops, and then set the normies off and get declared a terrorist org like they should be. Then its open season."

The antifa group's purpose of the riot is to "support of the communities who are most vulnerable to attacks." …OK.

Jack Posobiec recently posted their safety guidelines:

May Day: Antifa Putting Out Tips To Members How Commit Crimes And Escape Prosecution

In preparation for May Day, Antifa putting out tips to members on how commit crimes and escape prosecution. The attendees are urged to show up with a friend or small group. The Metropolitan anarchist coordinating council has posted the so-called ‘’personal safety’’ guidelines.

They include: Emphasis on members staying aware of their surroundings and being assertive of the police around them. The members are also urged to attend a Know Your Rights training so that they know how to handle being arrested.

The members are also urged to make sure that someone in their group knows their full legal names just in case an arrest is made. The group is also urging it members to cover their face since there’s a tendency of people live streaming or videotaping the incidents taking place.

The members are also urged to point their cameras at the cops and not their friends. There’s also a special emphasis on the clothing as members are urged to wear neutral clothing so not to stand out and become targets for the police or counter protesters.

The attendees are also urged to consider leaving their phones at home or use alternate devices. They are also urged to set a secure password on their phones and avoid using finger print lock. The group is also urging its members to their encryption is enabled once they arrive at an action.

The members are also urged to avoid posting specifics about their plans on social media before and during the May Day. This based on the fact that private posts can be an issue if one is arrested.

The comrades are also urged to send any live feeds or posts to an anonymous source or comrade who is not present at the event. The group members are also urged to be cautious while posting. Lastly, there’s special emphasis on members double-checking their privacy setting before May Day.


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