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Photo credit: Solano County Sheriff's Department

A man and a woman in California were arrested on multiple charges of torture and child abuse after ten children were found in "horrific" conditions. The father, 29-year-old Jonathan Allen, has pleaded not guilty to seven counts of torture and nine charges of abusing the children. The ten children ranging in age from 4-months-old to 12-years-old and were found in the couple's suburban home in Fairfield, California.

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The mother of the ten children is 31-year-old Ina Rogers; she also faces nine counts of child abuse. Rogers denied any wrongdoing and said, "All these torture allegations will fall away." The case is eerily reminiscent of the story of David and Louise Turpin, another California couple who badly abused their 13 children. The Solano sheriff's office said the children were rescued from the disgusting home in March and all had suffered puncture wounds, burns, bruising and injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet gun.

The county's chief deputy district attorney Sharon Henry said the children were tortured "for sadistic purposes". The children were discovered when police responded to a missing juvenile report and found the home filled with rotting food and human and animal feces. The stories of abuse gradually came out during interviews with the children who are now in the state custody. Wanda Rogers, the children's grandmother said she suspected the children were being abused and said Allen was a "monster".

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"He would take the baby and slap it in the face and put duct tape on the baby’s mouth to make it shut up," Rogers said. The children's mother told reporters that social services interviewed the children three years ago when her mother "had mentioned something," but ultimately the kids were placed back with Rogers.

Rogers also told reporters she worked as a technician at a heart-monitoring company and her husband Allen was a tattoo artist. Allen denied the charges and said in an interview with KCRA-TV Tuesday, "I am not an animal … The truth is that it is a functioning household. Everyone helped everyone. It was a complete circle; the older ones helped the little ones." A neighbor named Larry Magnaye said he had no idea there were ten children living in the home.

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Magnaye said, "It’s a pretty big house. But I don’t know how you can keep it quiet when you have ten kids. I can’t keep it quiet with one, two, you know?" Rogers said she homeschooled the children, but the home in Fairfield was not registered as a private school which is required by state law.

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1st step mental health services for the kids.

2nd step sterilization for of both of these POS.

A long jail sentence in hell.

Anonymous No. 26254 1526481112

Seems any idiot can make a baby, but takes someone with at least 1/2 a brain not to.

They should also be charged with cruelty for forcing the kids to live in commieshithole.

This idiot admitted to not parenting right after denying any wrong doing when he said " The truth is that it is a functioning household. Everyone helped everyone. It was a complete circle; the older ones helped the little ones." So the kids parented the kids.

But she is probably correct when she said "All these torture allegations will fall away." because they live in commiefornia the shithole.

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