By: Savannah Smith | 04-30-2017 | News
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Trump Turned The Tables On The Media, Gives Them A 'Fat, Failing Grade' For His 100 Days

While journalists were having their dinner at the annual White House Correspondents Night gathering, President Donald Trump was busy returning them some good "love" as he issued a scathing attack against the mainstream media at the Pennsylvania rally he organized with his supporters.

Trump accused the media at his rally of "fake news", as his supporters wildly cheered his remarks. The President added that if the media's job was, to be honest and report the truth, then they deserved to get "a big, fat failing grade". He also said he was more thrilled to be in the company of his supporters at the rally, and be "100 miles away from the swamp in Washington". He said that the event where the media is trapped in a dinner in Washington will be "very, very boring". He said he appreciates being in a "much, much larger crowd and much better people".

In contrast to media's bad job, Trump boasted that his administration has been delivering for the American people for the past 100 days. At the rally, Trump shared anew with his supporters his government's successes including the nomination and eventual confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, his cabinet choices and the approval of construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

While the mainstream media is preoccupied with giving a review and assessment of Trump's First 100 Days, the President earlier dismissed the importance of the marker. He said it's a " false standard" , although he was quick to say that he does not think anybody has done what he was able to achieve in 100 days, and that makes him very happy.

At the rally, Trump also echoed his campaign commitment of giving priority to America and its people. He said "we are not going to let other countries take advantage of us anymore. From now on, it's going to be America first."

Trump chose to spend his 100-day in office mark with people who helped bring him to the White House, and which polls say remain loyal to him. Pennsylvania is especially close to Trump's heart because it proved to be politically-important to him as it delivered for him during the election where he won with 48 percent. It also marked the first time the state voted for a Republican presidential candidate since the victory of George H.W. Bush in 1988.

Trump has been giving special attention to the U.S. economy and polls show Americans believe he is doing a good job with the economy. In his weekly radio and internet address, Trump said that great achievements are possible when Americans' interest is prioritized. He said that's also the reason why he withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He said that day was a turning point for the nation as it put countries in the world on notice that the sellout of the American worker was over.

Trump said that he's proud that in just 14 weeks, his administration has brought profound change to Washington.

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