By: Earnest Jones | 04-30-2017 | News
Photo credit: TMZ

Pilot Thrashes Wrestling Female Passengers In Footage

The number of incidences involving the airline industry is overwhelmingly increasing at a very fast rate. This begs the question on whether the services in the airline industry are deteriorating by the hour. That was the case with Delta Airlines which is defending a pilot who was caught on video smacking a female passenger involved in a brawl with another passenger.

Reports that were released on Saturday by TMZ  indicate that the 27-second video appears to show the pilot trying to separate two women passengers as they wrestled on the jetway floor.

The two women had just alighted from their plane which had just landed at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Reports from TMZ reveal that the footage shows the pilot grabbing one of them by the arm and hitting her. The pilot then walks away.

The footage also has a man who is heard yelling, "knock it off". Reports from TMZ said that a Delta employee turned over the video to a supervisor right away.

A Delta representative told TMZ that after the story surfaced, the pilot was suspended a week ago after the airline became aware of the incident and the video.

The representatives were also quoted saying that the pilot has since been returned to work as the investigation found that his actions were meant to settle a dispute between passengers on the jetway floor during deplaning.

Reports from TMZ indicated that the women appeared to have known each other and had gotten into a scuffle on the flight. However, both women did not want to press charges when the police authorities arrived at the scene.


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