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A village in Nepal is shocked after an endeared member of their community, a Canadian humanitarian often gave chocolates to children, was arrested for raping at least two boys. Peter Dalglish portrayed himself to the villagers in Nepal as a good Samaritan who even helped rebuild their homes when they were destroyed by devastating earthquakes in 2015. The villagers were shattered when the Canadian humanitarian who had embedded himself among them was arrested and his home was swarmed by police.

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Dalglish built himself a sleek cabin near a Nepalese village complete with rice paddies, of rutted roads, and hills. The community of locals in the nearby Nepal village knew nothing about him other the good works he had done for the community. He would often greet them and even offered chocolates from Thailand to young children. All that changed when police swarmed his home, put a gun to his head and arrested him on charges of raping at least two boys.

One villager named Sher Bahadur Tamang said, "We trusted him. Tamang said Dalglish gave her hundreds of dollars to help pay for her child's schooling. "He treated us so well. We never knew what was inside his mind." Part of the reason the charges are so shocking is that Dalglish was working around the world aiding children. There is an absence of strict regulations surrounding aid groups which can be used as a front for human traffickers and predators by humanitarian workers.

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Lori Handrahan, a veteran humanitarian worker said, "Peter Dalglish’s arrest should be a ‘teachable moment’ for the humanitarian community to understand and recognize how predators exploit the cover of ‘heroism’ to commit crimes. Let’s be clear. Peter Dalglish is not a hero. He never was." A spokesman for Nepal’s Chief Investigation Bureau said, "He sexually abused children after giving them the false hope that they would be taken to a foreign country."

The father of one of the victims named Tamang said, "I think the police were following Peter for a long time. The boys said they were asked to sleep naked and were raped. I never imagined Peter would do such a thing." Nepal authorities found a small, white box at Dalglish's home and inside were dozens of photographs and film negatives of naked children.

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