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Would You Believe Trump's Vision for His First 100 Days Includes This?

The Republican nominee Donald Trump delivered a speech in Gettysburg where he said that he would sue all the women who have come forth accusing him of sexual allegations, sexual assault and groping.

Donald’s speech was all aimed at laying out his vision for the first 100 days when he gets into power as the president of the United States of America; the speech was issued at the historic Gettysburg site. As the Republican nominee was issuing the speech at Gettysburg, he also underscored his intentions towards the female accusers who accused him of various charges such as groping, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

The Republican nominee delivered his speech at the same site where Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous Defence of rights and freedoms for all mankind; in the first portion of the speech, Mr. Trump reproved the electoral system saying it is rigged against the American people.

The Republican nominee promised to sue all the accusers after the election is over. In the recent past, around eleven women have come forth accusing the Republican nominee of inappropriate sexual behaviors. The accusers had various accusations against Trump with some claiming that he kissed them while others claimed that he groped them.

Mr. Trump backed his statement with research findings from the Pew Research Centre that suggest that 24 million ineligible voters or inaccurate voters alongside 1.8 million people who are already dead have been registered for the election on the November 8th.Trump also pointed out that some of the citizens who are deceased are also voting.

In the recent past, Mr. Trump’s campaign has not had the best national average voter share but the commendable progress that Trump’s campaign is making is just incredible. Trump’s campaign is taking over the major swing states delivering a huge blow to the Democratic nominee’s campaign.

Mr. Trump has boosted his campaign to another level by laying out concrete policies for his first 100 days in White House. Key to the issued speech was a promise that Trump made with the American people saying that he is going to form a contract with the citizens of the United States to bring change in Washington; this has greatly boosted his campaign endeavors.

Mr. Trump also said that he will Re-Negotiate NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement ). If those Countries refuse to re-negotiate , he would withdraw from the trade pact, which would case tariffs on imports from those countries and exports from the United States to rise. Trump makes the same remarks in one of his speech that was held in Monossen Pennsylvania, where he also mentioned that he will immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for the US workers.

Mr. Trump also promised that he will implement an ethics plan that will eliminate corruption; he said that he intends to drain the swamp in Washington and conduct a complete overhaul by replacing it with a brand-new government of, by and for the people, this was just an impressive statement for the American People. Trump emphasized that the American people to dream big and get over the noise of a corrupt election.

The Republican nominees intends to make reforms in Washington that include making a constitutional amendment that will impose a term limit to all members in congress. He also emphasized on reestablishing a law that will ban Congressional officials and White House from lobbying after a duration of five years after having left their roles.

Trump also mentioned of his intentions to lift restrictions on energy production in the United States, a move that might not be welcomed by the climate-change experts. He has called for an increase in fracking and a return to coal mining. Trump also stated that he will divert the billions of dollars that is paid to the UN for climate-change and use the money to fix the American water systems and infrastructure.

Trump has been renowned to be against the Obamacare and he has promised to replace and repeal the system with a more beneficial health savings account.

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Major James Burdock No. 266 2016-10-23 : 23:05

…. but I was told that his advance team is now prepared to initiate all of the above on the FIRST day of his presidency.

It is my understanding that he will spend the second day choosing which desk he should use in the Oval office

Has historical value, but it is now tainted.

I am told Mr. Trump is likely to provide his own desk, the weight of which my require additional supports underneath the Oval Office.

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