By: Savannah Smith | 10-22-2016 | News
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Did Hillary's tech guy get rich by breaking the law for her?

Apparently, it pays well to work for and break some rules for Hillary Clinton! Although it may have been unwitting on the part of the employees, and that the ultimate fault lies with no less than Hillary! Fresh Wikileak emails reveal that Justin Cooper, the aid who worked and managed Hillary's private email server during her term as secretary of state, earned $127,200 in annual salary from the Clinton Foundation.

Cooper's engagement leaves so many questions on issues of conflict of interest- on the part of Hillary Clinton as she is the high-ranking government official, where accountability lies. Cooper was employed by the Clinton Foundation as a " senior adviser" in 2009, coincidentally the same year Hillary was appointed to the State Department. Various witnesses swear it was Cooper who was the point person for fixing or managing Hillary's private server, whenever issues arise. The private server was located at the basement of Hillary's home in New York.

Cooper was interviewed by FBI agents for their year- long investigations into alleged Hillary's mismanagement of classified information. He also testified before the House Oversight Committee just last month about his role in the set-up, operation and management of Hillary's private email server.

Another aide, Bryan Pagliano, was hired to provide support and maintenance for users. The curious thing in Pagliano's case is that while he was directly hired by the State Department, he also apparently received payment from Clinton for his work on the email network. It isn't clear, however, whether he received the salary from the funds of the foundation, or from Hillary's personal money. Either way, it was irregular since he is employed by a government agency, no less than the State Department at that time.

Hillary used a private server and mishandled classified information are already illegal and irregular as long established. She compounds this with such practice of dual employment for some of her employees. It raises questions of conflict of interest primarily with Hillary's work both in the State Department and her continuous involvement with the foundation.

If Hillary allowed herself to engage both in her official capacity as Secretary of State while remaining embedded in the affairs of her private foundation, could she have used her official function and office to benefit her private organization, in terms of donors? Could these donors, in turn,have asked for favors from the State Department? How big and how deep did Hillary allow the overlapping of her duty as State Secretary with her work with her very own foundation? How did she exercise influence in one of her role in the other? Or has she engaged in influence-peddling?

The private email server has revealed to the public so many layers of Hillary's complicity- how she can totally do both illegal and unethical things at the same time without remorse or even qualms.

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