By: Earnest Wright | 04-28-2017 | News
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'The Threat Is Real': Kelly To Expand Electronics Ban

Security is a growing concern around the world. This is especially the case with the increased terror attacks that are being reported now and then. In response to this, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly made a report on Thursday saying that he is considering expanding a ban on electronic devices aboard to all airline flights. Kelly emphasized that the threat is real from terrorist groups around the world.

Kelly, who is a retired Marine Corps General said that the attacks could be unleashed from everywhere. The 66-year old Secretary was addressing Bloomberg News. Kelly also emphasized that there numerous organizations out there that are doing their best in trying to figure out ways of beating our security.

He also acknowledged that the United States still has the best security in the world, adding that it's the hardest target to get to, but it's also the target that the terror groups want to get to the most.

Back in March, both the United States and Britain officials banned devices larger than a cellphone from airports in 10 Muslim-majority countries after intelligence showed Islamic State terrorists were developing a bomb that could be hidden in such electronics.

Kelly made a statement on Thursday saying that some very serious intel about a very serious threat led to last month's decision. Speaking to Bloomberg's David Gura, Kelly emphasized that his Department focused on that part of the world where that threat most likely would come from. He says that people should bring a book to read rather carrying kindle.

The Homeland Security Secretary said that he had little to no apologies for the small inconvenience that he may have caused, adding that people’s lives were of greater concern. Kelly reiterated that the threat is real, adding that the threat could expand and he’s looking at it three, four, five, six times a day. He emphasized that the issue is keeping him up at night due to the lives at stake.


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