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While the president is accomplishing unprecedented progress on the Korean peninsula including the return of three US detainees held in North Korean labor camps, the leftwing media is still pushing the idea that Trump is a racist failure. Hearing the same old bias narrative on CNN is tiring, but thankfully there are people out there like Dana of The Dana Show.

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President Trump's successes in the past week alone range from withdrawing the United States from the useless Iran deal which even our European allies have called insufficient, to record-low unemployment under 4%. Also of note, black unemployment is at the lowest its ever been at just 6.6% and trillions of $ are coming back to the US as a direct result of Trump Administration efforts and policy.

President Trump also personally greeted the three US detainees released by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as they landed at Andrews Airport. Not even Obama could secure the release of these prisoners. This is not the only progress in on the Korean peninsula, as a result of Trump's hard-line stance on negotiations with North Korea, Kim Jong Un also made peace with the South Korean president in a meeting at the Demilitarized Zone, an area that no North Korean leader has crossed in decades.

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At the same time, these momentous achievements are being made, those waging war against Trump from within are getting more desperate. Recently a judge ruled businesses can discriminate and refuse service to Trump supporters after a bar forced a white male to leave simply because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hate. What kind of country has this become when a business is legally allowed to refuse service because of a hat that says Make America Great Again?

How is making America Great offensive? Thankfully, those like Dana of The Dana Show are speaking up against the anti-Trump cultural being perpetrated by the left. Dana brings her "original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence" to the radio and her audience is quickly growing.

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Anonymous No. 25783 1526093035

Just one problem… Trump actually didn't have anything to do with North Korea's recent nonsense with South Korea, nor did he have anything to do with the 'hostages' (criminals) being released. Nice try, but you're grasping for straws. By the way, what's the deal with that stupid ugly woman in the pic?

Anonymous No. 25784 1526093115

"he was wearing a Make America Great Again hate."

Grammarly, huh ? Hahahaha you're illiterate

Anonymous No. 25789 1526093839


Except he did faggot, even Moon Jae-In said so

Anonymous No. 25790 1526094109

Dana Loesch and an Audio-Technica AT4033/CL Studio Mic, huh ?… The Goldwater is drivel, and you idiots can't even construct coherent comments, or type a paragraph without misspelling something, and totally fucking it up. 'Major' Bitchboy proclaimed how you all use Grammarly, but it appears that it's not good enough to fix the continual errors you amateurish assclowns call 'news'. I'm not joking at all when I say I have seen a 4th grade elementary school kid do better jobs at journalism with her school newspaper then all of you idiots put together. You suck balls

Anonymous No. 25791 1526094168


lol sure he did, you uneducated latent homosexual… sure he did… Hahaha

Anonymous No. 25792 1526094358

>>25789 are you really a homosexual? If so, I find it kinda uncomfortable, because I don't think the Republican Party or Donald Trump want you associating with us.

Anonymous No. 25794 1526094698

>>25792 Kyle James here.

yes, #25789 is a closet homosexual, but he hasn't 'come out' yet. We are all convinced he's going to admit his true sexual nature soon, but he's trying to keep it a secret because he knows he won't be welcome here at The Goldwater, or welcome by other Republicans once he confesses that he's sexually attracted to other men.

So Many Fags No. 25802 1526102443

Lots of faggots round here bb

joyreaper No. 25834 1526130119

Just commenting that I find it incredibly satisfying that Dana, who was one of the first to come out and split the Republican Party in the primaries leading up to the 2016 election, now is singing the President's praises. May we all learn not to be so nasty to our fellow Conservatives in primaries. I called her out for being part of the #Gangof22 that would be so harsh toward President Trump saying he was not conservative enough and she blocked me. Now we all know what true Trumpers knew then and that is that he is the one who would be able to make the advances for conservatives and the Republican Party that we are all rejoicing in now. For those who don't give Trump credit, your ignorance is astounding!

Anonymous No. 25994 1526270377

The ignorance of these Trump haters is incredible, do they really think we'd believe Trump had nothing to do with uniting Korea? How dumb are these people or how dumb do they think we are? President Trump must be getting tired of winning all the time! Trump 2020!

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