By: Major James Burdock | 04-27-2017 | News

Actual Photo: Cassini Spacecraft Journey To It's Death - Captures Never Before Seen Of Planet Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft is headed to its death in Saturn's atmosphere.Like every man who dates me, he sees some incredible things on his way out.

First, Cassini will do some groundbreaking work that it has been doing for the last decade it has spent flying around the planet. We're talking about the satellite here.

That includes detecting potential for life in our own solar system. This is shedding new light on our beautiful and often surprising neighbor. Saturn. Not me.

In its last moments – which will come on September 15th – Cassini will capture images of the likes never before seen. And the mission will finish as it has gone before – concluding a decade-long project that has included some of the most stunning pictures of space ever taken.

Nasa is celebrating the "Grand Finale" of the Cassini mission, which will see it fly closer and closer to Saturn until it burns up.

Discarded and soon forgotten about. Just like my last boyfriend.

In order to avoid the unlikely possibility of Cassini someday colliding with one of Saturn's moons, I have chosen to safely dispose of the spacecraft in the atmosphere. This will ensure that Cassini cannot contaminate any future studies of habitability and potential life on those moons.

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