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Donald Trump Inches Closer in the Latest Poll

"Rigged system" warning resonating with voters; Trump inches closer in latest poll

They have tried everything in the political dirty tricks books- dug deep for past dirts, and invented much more and gave fictional accusations; used state resources to work in favor of his opponent; co-opted the mainstream media to advance her; and in his words, they're trying hard to rig the system to bring her victory. They've done and will continue to do everything in their power to demolish him and make her look good. Yet, the American people still can not throw their full support to her, maybe because they can tell truth from lies. And conspiracy and demolition against him, notwithstanding, he remains standing strong.

The latest polls sponsored by Reuters/Ipsos shows Donald Trump has rebounded strong from a critical period of his campaign described by his critics as "of crisis proportions", and now inches closer again to Hillary Clinton. The poll was taken in the period of Oct. 14-20 and shows a mere 4-point lead for Clinton, down from a high of 7-point advantage, with a 44% to 37% in the October 7-13 poll.

Observers say that the biggest factor for what could be the start of a Trump comeback in the polls is that his message that the election is being rigged to favor Hillary is resonating with voters, many of whom have grown frustrated and angry with the possibility that Clinton's camp will stop at nothing to bring her back to the White House, this time as president.

Trump's campaign was hit earlier this month by big controversies brought by a decade-old recording where he was heard making lewd comments against women. A number of women has also come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault, an allegation Trump strongly denied and attributed to Clinton's dirty tricks department.

Many of the respondents in the Reuters poll say they believe the allegations against Trump are less important to what they believe he can achieve as the next president of the U.S. Only half of the Republicans polled also say they would accept a Hillary victory, while a majority 70% say Hillary could only win because of cheating through illegal voting or vote rigging.

Trump has passionately been calling his supporters to be extra vigilant and just as importantly to go out and vote for him on election day. He is convinced ensuring that his voters would cast their votes and being watchful is the only antidote to the " rigged system".

" Win, lose or draw- and I'm almost sure if the people come out, we're going to win. I will be happy with myself. We have to work, we have to get everybody out there", urged Trump to his supporters.

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