By: Savannah Smith | 04-26-2017 | News
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Ex-Spy Hired By Democrats Admits Trump Dossier is Bogus

Former British spy Christopher Steele, famously known for writing the anti-Donald Trump dossier admitted that a sensational charge his sources made about a tech company CEO and Democratic Party hacking is in fact unverified.

Steele also said in a court filing that his accusations against the president and his aides-including his lawyer, a campaign volunteer and a tech company CEO- about a supposed Russian hacking conspiracy were never supposed to be made public, and was never intended to be posted in full on an irresponsible website for all the world to see on January 10. Steele said things turned out that way because he was betrayed by his client. He said he followed "proper internal channels" by handing the dossier to Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, to issue an alert to the U.S. government.

The malicious anti-Trump dossier was created by Steele and financed by Democratic-linked money to dig dirt on Trump and possibly bring down his candidacy. All three of Trump's aides implicated in the anti-Trump dossier have all denied the wild allegations made in the report against them and Trump. All three said the allegations in the 35-page dossier were mere work of fiction.

Steele has not spoken publicly about the disputed dossier, but for the first time he was forced to talk by a London court through his lawyers. His lawyers filed their first defense against a defamation lawsuit brought by Aleksej Gubarev, chief executive of the network solutions firm XBT Holdings against Steele and his Orbis Business Intelligence firm. Steele acknowledged that the part in the report where Gubarev was identified as a rogue hacker merely came from "unsolicited intelligence" and " raw intelligence" that needed to be analyzed and further investigated.

Democrats had a field day embracing the dubious dossier as justification for appointing a high- powered commission to investigate Trump and his aides.

In his court filings, Steele claimed that he was also a victim of Fusion GPS- the Washington firm that hired him using money from a Hillary Clinton backer. Fusion was deeply into doing opposition research for Democrats. The company distributed the dossier among reporters with the goal of harming Trump's candidacy. Steele has claimed that he never authorized Fusion to do that. Steele also said in his court that Fusion was subject to an obligation based on their agreement that it will not disclose to third parties confidential intelligence materials which he provided to them.

Steele pinned the blame and ultimate responsibility to the views-hungry site BuzzFeed, the liberal news website whose editor threw all journalistic ethics and rules out the window and decided to post the entire 35 pages on their site on January 10. Smith claimed he doubted the unbelievable accusations in those memos contained in the report made from June to December last year, but such doubts did not stop him from allowing the posting of the questionable dossier.The posting forced Steele to go into hiding. He only re-emerged on March 7 in London.

The main charge in the Steele dossier is the supposed elaborate conspiracy between Trump campaign team and Russian agents allegedly to hack Democratic Party computers. The Trump White House, and Trump's aides implicated in the dossier, all denied the accusations made in the report, and contested the claims and gave proof that those charges were simply fabricated.

Trump also condemned BuzzFeed for its reckless and malicious posting in full the unverified dossier . Gubarev is suing BuzzFeed for libel in Florida, where his company XBT has an office and where his firm Webzilla is incorporated. The said lawsuit describes BuzzFeed's posting as shamelessly " one of the most reckless and irresponsible moments in modern journalism."


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