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Missing Alabama Woman's Body Found in Tragic End to a Family's Search

There's terrible news to report coming out of Alabama - where the family of Jennifer Marshall White of Moulton - received tragic news that brings heartbreak and tears that a loving mother, friend, and wife has now been found deceased.

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Investigators say that 55-year-old Jennifer White was last heard from by her daughters Emiley “Beth” Gilchrist and Allison Hutto Cross on April 9th at around 1 AM on what's described as a series of messages sent to her girls saying she was both depressed, miserable, and at her wit's end with life.

“She said she loved us and not to worry. That she was finally gonna have peace. And that was it,” Allison Cross told<a href=""> Dateline NBC</a>.

Moulton City Councilman Brent White, Jennifer's loving husband, said that he received a somewhat similar message full of despair at around 1:30 AM on the same night, which prompted him to first begin the endless manhunt for his lover.

“Please know that I love you and I’m sorry for any pain,” followed by “I love you forever. Not goodbye. Just see ya later,’ the text message read to Mr. White.

Brent White and his son began to frantically search for Jennifer, contacting the Moulton Alabama Police Department, and even visiting the Risk Management department of Decatur Morgan Hospital, where Jennifer worked.

No matter where they searched, Jennifer was nowhere to be found.

Moulton Chief of Police Lyndon McWhorter said the last time Jennifer was visibly seen was paying for gasoline outside of a gas station on April 8th, wearing loungewear and driving her 2007 model black Chevrolet Tahoe SUV.

Jennifer also is alleged to have sent messages to her daughter's ex-husband, a police officer in Trinity, Alabama, Michael Hughes.

Hughes then placed a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) for Jennifer's vehicle in all surrounding communities with law enforcement agencies, who each continued to search in the coming days and weeks for the clearly distressed missing woman.

By pinging her cellular device, law enforcement was able to pinpoint the cell tower used at 1:38 AM in Double Springs, Alabama, around 25 miles from White's hometown of Moulton, according to Chief McWhorter.

After Dateline covered the story, the family appeared on the “Missing in America” series, in a plea for Jennifer White to return safely to her loved ones back in Moulton, but to no avail, she wouldn't be found.

That all changed on Monday, after the Winston County Sheriff's Office discovered her body in a remote area off of Highway 33 near the Winston and Lawrence County lines, as posted in a statement to their Facebook page.

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Winston County Sheriff Tommy Moore stated, “I extend my deepest condolences to Mrs. White's family. I am thankful for any measure of comfort and closure that today’s discovery might bring. I ask everyone to keep this family in your prayers during the many difficult days ahead.”

Sheriff Moore added, “I extend my gratitude to Lt. Jonathan Winters and his agents with the State Bureau of Investigation, Chief Deputy Bryan Kirkpatrick, Investigator Caleb Snoddy, and deputies from my office, Ranger Sonny St. John of the US Forest Service, as well as members of the Winston County Coroner’s Office, Marion/Winston County District Attorney’s Office, and Mud Tavern Fire and Rescue. They all assisted in the removal of the body and evidence from the death scene.”

A tragic end to a hopeful search for life, which now has Jennifer White’s family in complete shock and agony at the loss of a mother, and a wife who cannot be replaced.

It's also a sign of the danger that accompanies crippling depression, a condition in which millions of Americans suffer from, sometimes causing tragedy to strike in families who otherwise seem to have it all.

“Thanks to the wonderful volunteers in our community that show up yesterday to help bring my mama home,” Allison said of the law enforcement agencies who searched for her mother. “This is not the end result we were praying for, but we now have peace knowing where my mama is.”

Our thoughts and prayers to out to the family and friends of Mrs. White as they go through this terrible time of grievance and recovery.

If you or anyone you know suffers from depression or suicidal thoughts, just remember that your stress is only temporary, and there are solutions outside of giving up that can one day bring happiness back into your life.

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