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Why Johnny Can't Read Analog Clocks

The UK has an innovative idea to solve analog clock illiteracy in schools. Just chuck the analog clocks and switch to digital. Evidently, it's that big of a hassle to explain how "the big hand is for minutes and the little hand is for hours" or maybe it's the finer points of multiplying by 5 in order to get the proper minute, either way British teachers have had enough of trying to teach how they work apparently.

And this isn't just going on in the United Kingdom either. Some US schools are deciding to do the same. The fear is that children who don't know how to read an analog clock won't know how much time they have left on timed tests. Once again, an obvious (though obviously not the simplest) solution would be teach the kids how to read.

In Texas in the Allen, Frisco and Plano independent school districts however, children are required to learn how to read analog clocks as a requirement. In fact, it's part of the statewide Texas Essential Knowledge Skills Standard. And honestly, knowing how to read a clock is a fairly essential skill. Texas kids are required by first-grade to learn how to tell time on both analog and digital devices. That said, if you can't read a digital clock, there are probably other issues at hand.

Just because digital is simpler, doesn't make it better. The same goes with so many more conveniences that seem to make our life easier while dumbing us down at the same time. Just imagine, it was only a couple decades ago when people actually memorized phone numbers. Can you imagine? I know what you're thinking "but that's what my cell phone contact list is for" tell yourself that the next time you lose your phone and are in an emergency situation where you need to contact someone without access to your contacts list or the internet.

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James Allbrook No. 25328 2018-05-07 : 13:45

Will they be doing that with Big Ben TOO????

Anonymous No. 25331 2018-05-07 : 14:07

Its cause Johnny is to busy chasing women and shitposting on GW. Ohhh wrong Johnny. LOL

sarah No. 25351 2018-05-07 : 16:05

Those in the shadows ruling over the U.S. and the UK want children dumbed down because uneducated or poorly educated citizens are easier to control.

Many children in the U.S. graduate high school reading on a 3rd-5th grade reading level. Children who can't read or tell time are not in many ways much threat to the powers that be.

In the U.S. when slavery was part of the U.S. culture slaves and women were not as a most part allowed or taught to read.

Same old control techniques by those who want to rule over and control the lives of others are at play.

Same control … different century.

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