Real Footage: Jilted Thai Man Hangs Baby, Kills Self On Facebook Live

By Major James Burdock, The Goldwater · 04-26-2017

Facebook Live has given many people an opportunity to capture great moments as they unfold. However… you guessed … another sicko killed someone live on Facebook. But, we are happy to report he also killed himself.

This time it happened in Phuket, a resort island in Southern Thailand. Friends of this guy called the police after watching the man execute his his daughter on the live stream. She was 11 months old. And then, thankfully, he blew his own brains out.

Lieutenant Jullaus Suvannin noted the suspect was dead when he arrived on the scene. Apparently the man had some sort of argument with his wife. He then went to an abandoned hotel near the international airport.

Footage of the child's distressed mother was aired on Channel 3 television - she flanked by relatives, picking up both her daughter's body and the man's corpse from the local hospital.

Social media giant Facebook has yet to comment This comes just days after Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg vowed to work to keep the world's leading social network from being used to spread harrowing acts like murder and suicide.

That was in response to another sick bastard in Ohio using Facebook Live to broadcast footage of himself walking up to a stranger on the street and shooting him dead. Apparently to vindicate a break-up he was having with his wife. After a ten day man-hunt, we are happy to report that that man also killed himself.

So what does Zuckerberg do about this? He can't hire enough illegal immigrants to monitor all the feeds. He'll need to create an algorithm to blame the next time it happens.

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