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What is the "Lynch Agenda?"

The Hillary Clinton private email scandal and the FBI investigations just refuse to die. The New York Times gave a long report about the matter over the weekend with a deeper focus on crucial factors that affected Comey's decision-making during the homestretch of the presidential campaign last year.

The lengthy report claims that FBI Director James Comey disclosed last year to the media and the public that he was re-opening the investigation into then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's private email server scandal because he suspected that his boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was providing Hillary with political cover. Another big reveal is that an email found by Russian hackers supports Comey's suspicions.

The Times' report suggests that a U.S. intelligence agency was able to intercept emails Russian hackers were stealing including one document - "described as both a memo and an email, was written by a Democratic operative who expressed confidence that Lynch would keep Clinton investigation from going too far."

The report also detailed how Lynch supposedly insisted that Comey refer to the Clinton probe as a " matter" and not an "investigation" in one of their meetings before the FBI chief made the public announcement of reopening the Hillary case. A colleague of Comey even joked after the meeting with Lynch that they're no longer the Federal Bureau of Investigation but the "Federal Bureau of Matter". It may have been something that made Comey conscious of his independence, if not resentful of Lynch's agenda. Lynch also believed it was not a criminal investigation and declared the case closed. But then the Russian hackers leaked the document to undermine the FBI's reputation for independence.

The hacked document stolen by the Russians shows collusion between Lynch and the Democrats to ensure Hillary's victory in the election. It also did not help Lynch's "cause" when she was earlier caught by a local news reporter from Phoenix having a meeting with former president Bill Clinton in the midst of Hillary's controversies. The report said that according to Comey's defenders his decision to publicly reveal his agency's reopening of the Hillary probe may have been influenced by the twin factors of "Lynch's agenda" to shield Hillary's presidential ambitions from harm, and the Russian hackers' stolen emails revealing efforts to undermine independence of the FBI.

Hillary and the Democrats continue to pin the blame on Comey (among other reasons, err, excuses such as the leaked documents, fake news, etc.) for her devastating loss in the election. They continue to believe that Comey's public announcement of the reopening of the Hillary investigation so close to the election supposedly changes the "contours" of the election, arguably by uniting reluctant conservatives around Donald Trump's candidacy. The new details revealed in the report could have pushed Comey to simply defend the proud agency he was sworn to lead and protect on one matter, and on another level, perhaps out of spite, disgust or even moral outrage, foil the efforts of his own manipulative boss.

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