By: Diana Printz | 10-21-2016 | News

Trump ROASTS Hillary at Al Smith Dinner

The Alfred Smith Memorial dinner was recently held. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton attended. They were separated only by the Archbishop of New York.

Alfred Smith was the first Catholic to run for president. He was defeated, but there is still a memorial for him. It is a roast, a time to say bad things and joke about people without being charged with slander.

It is a widely held belief that the Illuminati use events like ‘roasts’ to let their real policies be made public, as it is rumored that their bylaws mandate this, and a roast is not taken seriously.

It is the prime opportunity to discuss important things, that must be public, but people don’t want to really be public.

Trump used the opportunity to shame publicly the politicians attending that are not supporting him now, but when he was a businessman not only begged him for his support, but brought him into their homes, introduced him to their family and children and made him feel part of their family. Now that he needs their support, they are not there for him.

Friendship is a two-way street, and when your friend is in need, and you don’t lend a hand. You are no friend indeed.

Clinton babbled on a bit, trying to make funny jokes, but her sense of humor is deplorable.

Her heart did not seem into it, when she even made fun of Wikileaks. Like it is a joke that her campaign is run by criminals and that everyone in American knows it.

Luckily for her, there is a palace waiting in Qatar, if the election doesn’t go her way.

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