By: Savannah Smith | 04-26-2017 | News
Photo credit: Squatting Slav TV

Soldiers of Odin Clean Antifa Mess

The Squatting Slav TV joined the Canadian patriot group The Soldiers of Odin in an Antifa territory in one alley in Vancouver, Canada to cover the members as they mount a clean-up job for the vandalism mess the Antifa members left on the walls, on the ground, in the streets. It also became an opportunity for the TV team to speak with some members, get to know them better and their group, and in the process destroy all the misinformation and misconceptions being heaped on the group by antifas, and Canada's misguided, liberal media. The Soldiers of Odin members walked around, armed only with their flags and cleaning tools and materials like spray for removing wall vandalisms, wall mops, etc. , and entered antifa territory.

One member of the Soldiers of Odin was not identified by his name in the report but openly faced the cameras, welcomed all the questions and answered in a clear, simple, straightforward and well-spoken manner. When asked what is his reaction to those who believe antifas who demonize their group as "fascists, Nazis, and White Supremacists", he answered that unfortunately those people are just misinformed. He said that people who think the worst of their group " believe fake news media". He said the uncritical members of the public who easily side or believe the antifas also "believe media labels". He reminded that Canada's mainstream media glorify antifas because they are on the same page as liberals, same as with how things stand in the U.S. He said that if people do their research, they would know, but they just prefer to believe media. He said some people are just too lazy.

The Soldiers of Odin member asked the public, or anyone interested, to just do their research. He even invited people to come to their meetings plain and simple. He said their meetings are very open. He also criticized antifa groups who violently attack people who are against their beliefs. The Soldiers of Odin member said that antifas only feel "strong" when they are in bigger groups, like when they outnumber an opponent "10:1".

As the Soldiers of Odin members were busy cleaning the vandalism left by the antifa on the alley and along the streets, the TV crew also spoke with a member who appears to be Asian or of Asian descent, and who get along well with the members of the group. The unnamed Asian member said that he's living proof that the unfair and inaccurate labels placed on the group members are simply wrong. He said he would not be hanging out with the group, still alive, and safe if they were all the things other people, especially the antifas and the media accuse them of. He said if Soldiers of Odin are the fascists, Nazis and White Supremacists they are being accused of, he as non-white, possibly immigrant to Canada and Asian, "would be in the hospital or at the morgue now". Instead, he clearly blends well with the group, getting along quite well with them and not being treated differently for his color or being non-White.

The first interviewee who just happens to be White also told the TV crew that the antifas were simply in cahoots with Black Lives Matter. And those antifas he said are the real fascists. And while he said their group, Soldiers of Odin, help communities, the antifas issue threats of killing white people and just like in the U.S. are involved in violent attacks like turning cars over, destroying property, etc. He asked if it' s really about violence that those people want to stand for.He said that their group, in contrast, welcomes all colors, and again issued an invite for anyone interested or curious to just do their research, get to know their group and see them up close.

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