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Alt Knights Ready To Fight Antifa

Free speech and physical are such a strong and powerful combination. Kylie Chapman, a Californian free speech activist, and a solid Trump supporter is smart enough to know just that. He is putting up a new fight-club 'fraternity' of young white, pro-Trump men to defend free speech rights by alt- right leaders and engaging in street fighting at the same time.

Chapman has announced this week he is forming the Fraternal Order of Alt Knights ( or cleverly as FOAk).

Chapman envisions FOAK to be a new militant, highly macho or tough group to serve as the "tactical defensive arm" of the Proud Boys, another group that is always present at pro-Trump rallies ready to confront and clashes with anti-Trump groups.

And knowing that any fight is not complete without a strong mantra or battle cry, trust Chapman to know just the right words to say to stir up his followers and like-minded supporters. Chapman said in a recent media post announcing FOAK's formation: " We don't fear the fight. We are the fight." Chapman also said that FOAK has the full approval of Proud Boys' founder, Gavin McInnes, for the partnership.

McInnes previously co-founded Vice magazine a decade ago. Recently, he has been a frequent guest on Fox News and contributor to the site VDARE described by some as a racist site. VDARE has no hesitation criticizing, even insulting Muslims and even going after Asian Americans by calling them "slopes" and "riceballs". Described as a "neo-masculine reactionary" McInnes calls his Proud Boys a "pro- West fraternal organization", while others refer to the group as the military arm of the Alt-Right.

There are speculations on the initiation process for the Proud Boys which some claim involved a four-part trial. It is said to start with a declaration of a Proud Boy, suiting up in a Fred Perry polo shirts with yellow stripes. Second part reportedly involves a "cereal beat-in" during which it is claimed that the new member is punched and beaten by current members like how they do stuff in other fraternities of old, the beating supposedly going on until the neophyte can complete enumerating five type of cereals- yes as everyone knows them, Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, etc. The third part is controversial as it supposedly involves "adhering to the masturbation regimen and getting a tattoo", according to blogger Will Sommer in a recent post. The fourth and final stage is the 'practical application' part- brawling with antifascists at public rallies. Of course, these so-called stages of the initiation process were put together from speculations and other sources, but for which the group has not officially confirmed or refuted. After all, part of being in a fraternal group is the adherence to secrecy.

Chapman says FOAK is a Proud Boys affiliate chapter, with its own bylaws, constitution, rituals and vetting processes. The new group of street fighters showed up last month in Huntington Beach, California, mingling with an estimated 2,000 Trump supporters. More importantly, Chapman said his Alt-Knights are ready to take it to the streets.

Chapman said their emphasis will be on street activism, preparation, defense and confrontation. The leader proudly added that they will protect and defend their right wing brethren when the police and government fail to do so. And of course, Chapman said his fraternal organization is only for those that possess the Warrior spirit, and as such, the weak and timid are not welcome in their group.“fight-club”-ready-street-violence

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nigmode No. 2528 2017-04-26 : 03:24

Sheep ready to fight sheep in a battle of retarded ideologies. Control freaks vs control freaks.

Anonymous No. 2529 2017-04-26 : 03:44

like sheep to the slaughter

Fight for me!

Anonymous No. 2535 2017-04-26 : 10:14

dont know which side is more cringeworthy

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