By: Chris Yalom | 04-26-2017 | News
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Climate Change Deniers May Be Right

Former Energy Department Undersecretary, Steven Koonin confirmed the Obama administration purposely manipulated “climate change” data to influence public opinion and policy.

Koonin told The Wall Street Journal that bureaucrats within former President Barack Obama’s administration spun scientific data to manipulate public opinion.

Koonin said the Obama administration was responsible for manipulating climate data. The press releases about climate data and climate analysis were misleading and sometimes just wrong.

As an illustration of how the federal agencies falsify climate data, he cited a National Climate Assessment (NCA) back in 2014 showing a hurricane activity increased from 1980. Koonin said the NCA’s assessment was technically incorrect.

Koonin is not the only one claiming about the falseness of climate change. Even House lawmakers Committee on Science, Space and Technology just recently started an investigation into NOAA. A whistleblower said agency scientists rushed a landmark global warming study just to influence policymakers.

Koonin, served under Obama administration from 2009 to 2011 regretted the politicization of science. He suggested that as a scientist, it is their responsibility to put the facts on the table, they should tell it like it is.

Since Trump presidency, climate change is unraveling to be a hoax and is yet to be considered as another scandal. A back-to-back polar vortex that hit the U.S. started the idea of global warming. It was a hoax that was quickly exposed where criminals in the government called it “climate change”. Climate change is just another term used for global redistribution of wealth.

This climate change hoax will go down in history just as another episode of “Lysenkoism”. A junk science used to control the masses. It is coined from Stalin’s Trofim Lysenko who was proven to be a fraud, so is Al Gore and everyone involved in the climate change hoax.


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Source is offline. Wew, who could be behind this…?

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