By: Lawrence Synder | 10-21-2016 | News
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Republican Party Congressman Moves to Oust Paul Ryan for Lack of Support for Donald Trump

GOP Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina is asking his party to support a movement that will oust Paul Ryan from his position as House Speaker. According to Meadows, Ryan’s lack of support for Donald Trump could threaten his presidency and the country if elected into office in November.

This is not the first time that Meadows took on the Speaker of the House. Last year, he filed a resolution to remove John Boehner from his position, which was then taken over by Ryan.

Now, it seems Meadows and his group the House Freedom Caucus will make the same move in removing Ryan from the House of Representatives.

“A lot of people who believe so desperately that we need to put Donald Trump in the White House they question the loyalty of the speaker,” Meadows said, according to CNN.

The growing movement to oust Ryan emerged earlier this month after the House Speaker began making comments against Trump. This started after the tape showing the Republican nominee making lewd remarks towards women emerged. Then, earlier this week, Ryan told the House Republicans through a conference call that he will no longer show his support for the GOP’s presidential frontrunner.

As noted by Meadows, this type of divide among the Republican Party that Ryan is causing because of his disloyalty could ultimately threaten the political stability of the country if Trump becomes president.

Although Meadows admits that Trump is not a traditional conservative party member, he still believes that members of the GOP should support their potential new leader.

“It’s not as much about the shared values, because I’m certainly more conservative than [Trump],” he said. “But it’s a shared concern about the direction the country is going.”

Ryan, on the other hand, has not yet responded to Meadows’ statements but a spokesperson for the House Speaker said that he is still determined to maintain stability within Congress by earning the respect of the other representatives.

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