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Another Episode of Facebook Live: Thai Man Murders Child, Kills Himself

Facebook Live has given many people an opportunity to capture great moments as they unfold. However, some people have taken it to the extreme by filming atrocious acts. Such was the case with a man in Phuket who filmed himself killing his child and then himself on Facebook Live.

The report was released by Thai police on Tuesday Apr 25th, the latest example of the social network's live-streaming function being used to broadcast horrible crimes.

The friends of the man alerted the police officers on the southern resort island, they then rushed to an abandoned hotel near the international airport on Monday afternoon.

Lieutenant Jullaus Suvannin pointed out that upon his arrival, the suspects had already died when. Reports from Police revealed that they believed the man had previously argued with the mother of the 11-month-old girl.

A footage of the child’s distressed mother was aired on Channel 3 television broadcast flanked by relatives, picking up both her daughter's body and the man's corpse from the local hospital on Tuesday.

The social media giant Facebook has yet to comment on the incident. This comes just days after Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg vowed to work to keep the world's leading social network from being used to spread harrowing acts like murder and suicide.

The Facebook founder was responding to pressure after a man in the US state of Ohio used Facebook Live to broadcast footage of himself walking up to a stranger in the street and shooting him dead.

Surprisingly, the killer went on to fatally shoot himself after a massive manhunt and police chase. Zuckerberg made a speech on Wednesday in which he agreed that Facebook had a lot of work to do on the issue. Zuckerberg also revealed that Facebook is going to work on developing common ground. In response to the incident, Phuket's governor called on Thais to desist from sharing the four-minute clip of the murder and suicide.


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Anonymous No. 2519 2017-04-25 : 23:55

Holy shit Samu Haide did it the absolute madman.

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