By: Major James Burdock | 04-25-2017 | News
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Antifa Plans May 1 Riot in NYC

Because "it is Trump’s hometown and business headquarters," antifa group IGD is organizing a riot in New York on May 1st. IGD stands for "It's Going Down." Here is where and when:

"Hoods4Justice" will be having a meet-and-greet at Grand Central Terminal at 9am.

At 12:30 pm, the "Brandworkers" will be hosting the 6th Annual Immigrant Worker Justice Tour in Washington Square Park. Looks like you might need to pack a lunch along with your rioting gear.

At 3:30 pm, the "Anti-Fascist Bloc March" will be taking place in Union Square.

And at 7 pm, the "Noise Demo" will commence in Columbus Park.

The itinerary explains that "the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) calls on comrades in the New York City area to join us and march in solidarity with immigrants and workers this May Day." And further, "This year’s march is unpermitted [sic]."

Looks like quite a productive day they've got planned out. They may run into a few glitches considering the NYPD, MTA Police, Port Authority and FBI are now aware of their plans. It might be a good idea to pre-arrange bail money and legal representation. IGD did not specify in their invite if they could assist in these matters.

The group is, however, asking for donations to "help us grow and expand!"

Comments on - the board that discovered the invite - were curiously encouraging:

"Nice. NYPD will get to have fun kicking their teeth in. I'll need to get some popcorn."

"Good, I hope they do something stupid and get killed by cops, and then set the normies off and get declared a terrorist org like they should be. Then its open season."

The antifa group's purpose of the riot is to "support of the communities who are most vulnerable to attacks." …OK.


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SCM admin No. 2540 2017-04-26 : 14:18

Nationalists need to stop mislabeling them as fascists or using "fascist tactics" that's not a thing, they are Bolshevik terrorists/thugs.

Great page - keep it up.

We just got our page shut down on FB. But, we'll go back because spreading the message is worth wading into the muck of city of Zuckerberg. Go where the normies are.

Alan J. Perrick No. 2554 2017-04-27 : 05:47

They're anti-white thugs; when they're outnumbered they become anti-white screamers.

They push White Genocide, which is a crime.

Why try to do away with the white race, which invented the smallpox vaccine and which basically ended starvation everywhere with food aid? But anti-whites want and push for White Genocide all the same. White self-hatred is SICK!!

"Diversity" = White Genocide


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