By: Earnest Wright | 04-25-2017 | News
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Alex Jones Outs Chobani Yogurt, Chobani Fights Back with Lawsuit

The right-wing radio host Alex Jones and his website, were caught by surprise after Chobani filed a lawsuit against them. This was after a video was published earlier in April that strongly suggested a link between the yogurt maker's practice of hiring refugees with a local Idaho sexual assault case.

The video by Infowars reports David Knight and Lee Ann Mcadoo is somewhat vague in linking the sexual assault case with Chobani's hiring practices. The headline on the Infowars video on media was: Chobani Covers for Globalist's Refugee Import Program After Child Rape Case.

However, Chobani pointed out that the sexual assault case is not linked to the company's workforce and that Infowars and Jones had published false statements, including the false accusations that Chobani was caught importing migrant rapists and that Chobani's plant has brought crime and tuberculosis to the Twin Falls community.

Chobani filed in a district court in Idaho. The defendants’ slanderous statements were subsequently republished with great swiftness on a wide range of websites.

The video which was published by Infowars and then promoted by Jones were designed to discourage consumers from purchasing Chobani's products and harm the Greek yogurt purveyor's reputation, and also adversely affect its business interests.

Chobani is the largest yogurt brand in the U.S. The calls for a boycott started to swirl in the wake of the video's publication. Twitter also experienced the same trend with the hashtag, #boycottChobani.

The company also emphasized that the Defendants’ defamatory statements have caused and continue to cause harm to Idaho residents. Those include Chobani employees, their families, and other members of the Twin Falls community associated with Chobani. Unfortunately, the Representatives at Infowars were unable to immediately respond to the litigation.


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Anonymous No. 2512 2017-04-25 : 20:51

Oy vey! Alex Jewnes has done it now!

Me No. 2521 2017-04-26 : 00:10

Wew, the Streisand effect from this will be epic. Not only will more people be discussing the link between Chobani's hiring practices and rapefugees, they stand to lose a lot of sales and Jones might even win a few more listeners in the shitstorm that follows.

Anonymous No. 2533 2017-04-26 : 09:22

As far as I know chobani runs a monopoly on " Greek " yogurt. Who else sells Greek yogurt

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