By: Savannah Smith | 10-21-2016 | News

NRA says Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted with gun rights

The National Rifle Association ( NRA) is adding their voice to growing sentiments that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted as she has a history of lying.

So when the Democrat nominee says she will respect the Second Amendment should she become the next U.S. President.

The NRA is not only skeptical about Hillary's assurances but is convinced she is not telling the truth on the matter at all.

And the NRA has every reason to be doubtful of Hillary's words. After all, it was recently revealed that Clinton actually told her audience in a closed door meeting that she believes that the Supreme Court is wrong about the Second Amendment.

The NRA not only lacks confidence in Hillary's trustworthiness, but the organization is also going out its way- and spending big- to campaign against Clinton through a television ad.

NRA sponsored a $5 million, 12- day ad titled "Classified" to convince voters in battleground states that Hillary is not telling the truth on her stand on the Second Amendment.

It goes to state the pattern of lying of Hillary from the controversies in her private server and classified emails to Benghazi.

The organization also airs its biggest fear in the ad- that if elected president, Hillary would ask the Supreme Court to amend citizens' right to bear arms in America.

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox says Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted.

He is convinced Hillary will say whatever it takes to win the White House.

The NRA is committed to helping expose Hillary's lies, and contribute to preventing her victory.

The 30- second ad started airing on Wednesday and will continue to run until October 31.

It was revealed earlier that in one of her paid speeches before business and financial executives that Hillary said in order to be politically successful, one must have both a public and private stand on controversial issues.

Other gun-related groups have also acted on their fears of a possible Hillary victory that some gun store owners were reported to have boosted their stocks before the elections,

in case Hillary succeeds Obama and move to scrap the Second Amendment,

further proof that many doubt Hillary's words and promises with her history of lying.

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