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Photo credit: Holmdel Township Police

Bombshell: Serial Track Pooper at New Jersey High School is Superintendent!

If you've ever wondered what type of creeps are around your children, you need to look no further than the administrative staff at their schools, and in New Jersey, the Kenilworth Public Schools Superintendent proves this after he was arrested for defecating on the Holmdel High School track course.

The Kenilworth Public School system had to make an announcement via their Facebook page that Superintendent Thomas Tramaglini has been placed on temporary administrative leave after his arrest for public defecation, and that's quite disturbing when you consider that this is a school system where your children are supposed to be instilled with values that help them to be better citizens in life.

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Instead, Thomas Tramaglini, for whatever reason, there's none that could possibly defend such an action, took it upon himself to pull down his pants and publicly defecate and the track course at Holmdel High School.

Apparently, this was a daily occurrence, where human feces had been found on the track every morning.

After considering their options, both the school resource officer at Holmdel High School and staffers planned a secretive stakeout one night to find the culprit.

To their shock, they would discover 42-year-old Tramaglini literally taking off his pants and relieving himself on the track just prior to 6AM on Monday.

Thomas Tramaglini, a native of Matawan, was arrested on numerous charges including defecation in public, littering, and public lewdness.

Tramaglini has since posted bond and been released from custody, but both the district and the staff at Holmdel High School are left speechless as to how a forty-two year old Superintendent could feel as if this were a crime worth committing.

Since the disturbing incident, Tramaglini has not responded to any emails about the crimes he was arrested for, but if he chooses to make a statement we'll certainly update this story.

It's beyond disturbing that the staff of a school district would engage in such behavior when there's so many young minds Tramaglini should have been setting a positive example for.

Even more so strange is trying to comprehend a man having to defecate, and then holding it inside of his body to exclusively travel to this high school track in some sort of ceremonial poop-fest.

This odd news is undoubtedly unique, unless there's some top-secret track field pooping club that were unaware of.

That seems highly unlikely, making this disgusting fetish and clear obsession of Tramaglini an exclusive case of weirdness.

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Vivek bachkaiya No. 24996 2018-05-04 : 02:12

I don't know what to say other than that it might be a case of revenge. It could be anyone he is pissed off at and that's how he deals with it. If otherwise he seems level headed then I can't think of any other reason, apart from him being a perv. But he would show it in his other actions.

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