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Video Shows Four-Year-Old Girl Falling From Back Of Moving Bus

A dramatic episode was captured by a dashcam showing a girl tumbling from the back of a moving bus. The unfortunate incident saw the four-year-old girl falling out of the vehicle as it drove along a busy road in Harrison, Arkansas. The girl had several injuries after the unfortunate incident.

The dangers that come with falling from off a moving car are made worse by the likelihood of being run over by cars that might be behind. This is especially when the incident unfolds on a busy road.

That was the case with the four-year-old girl. However, she was lucky enough because Ryan Ciamponi, a volunteer firefighter, was traveling behind the bus when the accident took place. Ciamponi can be seen in the footage running to the girl as she lay on the ground helplessly.

The ill-fated incident knocked her unconscious and broke her jaw upon landing on the road. The girl is reported to have been sitting towards the back of the bus which was carrying a group of children. Out of mere curiosity, she managed to open the vehicle’s rear door.

Having held onto the door’s handle, the girl was flung from the bus as it flew open. Ryan Campioni, who is a volunteer firefighter and a qualified emergency medical technician, rushed to carry the girl to safety from the middle of the busy road to make sure she didn’t get run over by another car.

Campioni revealed that the girl started to wake up as he reached out to her. The volunteer firefighter also told Fox News that the girl was shocked in her little body and she started kicking and screaming as she asked where her mommy was.

The heartbreaking incident saw other children in the bus alert the bus driver who subsequently pulled over. Reports from police officials revealed that the girl was in good shape the following morning. The bus ought to have safety measure in place to prevent such incidents from happening. However, the emergency exit might not be closed due to the obvious reasons but the bus needs to have an adult who can oversee the children’s behavior as they travel.


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