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Liberal harassment has now taken on a new meaning of the word deplorable - with reports suggesting that Barron Trump - the youngest of the President's children - has been subjected to bullying in his school for nothing more than being the child of President Trump

The report fro. <a href=""> Hollywood Life</a>. suggests that Barron, just 12-years-old, has left his mother with heavy stress due to the fact that her son is suffering torment at the hands of his classmates.

The article claims that Melania Trump is “paralyzed with anxiety” of the attacks on her son and other brutally cruel headlines about her and even Stormy Daniels, of which the media endlessly perpetuate as if it's a matter of concern, despite the alleged affair occurring well over a decade prior to the Trump Presidency.

In a desperate bid for ratings, the media has attempted to recreate the vision of the 1990s, where Bill Clinton kept viewers tuned in to the mainstream news networks over his affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was in the White House.

The fact that this alleged affair with Stormy Daniels occurred over a decade ago if it ever happened at all, makes very little difference to today's media who place the desire to have high ratings over quality reporting.

As a result, Melania and Barron both are at risk for suffering due to the slanted coverage that dominates the headlines and in turn manipulates the minds of those who aren't following close enough to understand what's occurring.

“Melania has to be very careful about what she says and to whom,” Hollywood Reporter says. Melania is doing her best to stay calm and handle everything gracefully but she can’t wait for it to be all over so she can get back to being herself.”

“Worst of all, her heart breaks for her son who gets regularly teased at school and has a hard time defending his father to his classmates,” an insider allegedly told the<a href=""> Hollywood Life</a>.

Such is the life of the most powerful family in the nation, although prior to this Administration there has never been another First Family to suffer so much abuse on a daily basis from the press, the deranged liberals, and clearly even students at Barron's school.

This is an outright travesty, and terrible in the finest sense. There's no reason for anyone to mistreat an innocent child, although liberal bullying is clearly a very prevalent issue.

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SneakyWino No. 24857 1525302002

That is a travesty. Poor kid. They need to either find a school that will protect him or homeschool him with tutors. DC is not the place for a conservative kid. Maybe they should go back to Mar-a-Lago while he's in school. Both get away from the swamp.

Good news is - his dad is about to be a worldwide hero so he will have time to bask in the adoration that will soon be upon him. Hang in there, Barron! Your dad is really going to MAGA!

Anonymous No. 24867 1525306087


What the fuck are you guys even doing anymore? Get some fucking talented staff or stop posting shit articles, you sad hacks.

Anonymous No. 24870 1525309411

Oh poor barron. At least that cheeto knows how the victims of his dads twitter tirades feel. And guess how the rest of the American people feel with asshats like pruitt and mulvaney destroying things because they can, little buddy? Not so good, huh?

Anonymous No. 24873 1525311028


21149315 No. 24888 1525313851

The original article never stated anything about what political party the children were part of. So why bring it up here?

You just displayed a form of bullying and false accusations, on CHILDREN.

With no true source and no official reports, these articles are completely false.

Anonymous No. 24918 1525330548

He's rich as fuck, I'm pretty sure he'll be alright.

slider No. 24959 1525371296

If I recall, Barron has Secret Service protection, even at school. Bullying will not get past verbal comments. And I do not believe the sins of the father fall on the son. He will become his own man in time.

circuit voitures hot wheels No. 25157 1525553547

Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 3 ans.

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