By: Major James Burdock | 04-24-2017 | News
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Liberals: No Le Pen, No Marcon - Let's Burn Paris!

"Anti-fascist" protesters ran amuck in Paris throwing bottles and fireworks and setting cars on fire. Police arrest 6 of them. Six police officers and several demonstrators were injured in the mayhem.

Police initially detained 29 people.

Business owners assessed the significant damage that was done. While this type of violence is nothing new in Paris, the reasoning behind this particular outburst seemed a bit childish.

Far-left presidential candidates suffered a tremendous blow - their performance in the first round of the election was shockingly poor.

So their supporters got their flags, banners, bottles, lighters and black hoodies. Chanting "No Marine and No Macron!" things quickly escalated into unprovoked violence.

Early reports of the violence surfaced on twitter, with one user, @kwilli1046, posting a video of a veritable convoy of police vehicles sent to deal with the violence.

With the main election less than two weeks away, police are preparing for much more of the same. After all, if the only two choices are the ones the "antifas" are rioting against, it leaves little doubt the violence will continue. The situation could change, however, if Marine Le Pen is elected, as she has promised to harshly deal with such outbursts.


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