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Le Pen Going to Second Round


According to Belgian broadcaster RTBF, hard-line anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen will move on to the second round in France's presidential election.

She captured 21.7% of the vote, barely behind Emmanuel Macron.

The two established political parties have been eliminated for the first time in French electoral history.

The election is very similar to Trump vs. Clinton from the left's perspective. Most French liberals are not voting for centrist Macron because of his views, but rather voting against Le Pen.

Macron Supporter Minter Dial explained on France24, "We are not voting for someone we really believe in. And we're really not sure what his politics are."

Indeed, 39-year-old Macron does not even belong to a political party.

It should be noted that Macron is very popular among the 3.3M French nationals living abroad, especially those in London. Investigators are now looking into why these expatriates received two absentee ballots due to a curious computer glitch. Macron staffers openly encouraged these people to vote twice.



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Minter Dial No. 2618 2017-04-30 : 16:27

Hi, Thanks for the reporting… I stand by what you wrote, but just to be clear, I am not a Macron supporter, except by default in the May 7 elections. I have just written up a post with suggestions of how he might lead his first 100 days (assuming he wins). If interested, it's on my personal blog (eponymous). Best, Minter

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