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Hashtag #MarchAgainstSharia Trending on Twitter

There's another march being organized and supporters of it are having a Twitter party promoting the event. They promise to have a clearer and stronger goal than the confused and confusing so-called Women's March that coincided with President Donald Trump's inauguration in January. This time, the march, which proponents say have a firm purpose, is called #MarchAgainstSharia.

It is being scheduled to take place on June 10, and droves of Twitter users have committed to joining the march, and more importantly, supporting the firm purpose of the march. It is a march being called to take a strong stand against the many forms of real women's oppression and abuses in sharia, the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. #MarchAgainstSharia is specifically asking anyone who is against child brides, honor killings, FGM, gay persecution, other forms of women's abuses like wife-beating, genital mutilation, forced and arranged marriages, and many others, to join the big rally on June 10.

The #MarchAgainstSharia is being planned to take place not just across the U.S., but simultaneously in the UK as well. Supporters are also calling for like-minded individuals who are against women's oppression and abuses being tolerated, if not encouraged and enabled, under sharia, in other countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Scotland to participate in the global march as well, and get in touch with American organizer Scott Presler (@ScottPresler) by sending him a direct message on Twitter.

Scott Presler has been giving updates on Twitter about the march, and also sharing exact passages in the sharia law where wife-beating and gay murders are allowed and encouraged. While another supporter shares on Twitter that those who really want to march against women's oppression and stand up for human rights should join the #MarchAgainstSharia.

One netizen with the Twitter handle Deplorable Citizen said that a #MarchAgainstSharia "makes a lot more sense than the limp self-serving #WomensMarch". Another said that the #MarchAgainstSharia is also a march against "the evil radical" Linda Sarsour, an Islamic organizer of Women's March.

The organizers are promising supporters and potential participants for more details for the event in the succeeding days. It appears that they are planning to mount #MarchAgainstSharia across various states and key cities in the U.S. One organizer even said that #MarchAgainstSharia "is coming to a city near you. He also asked those interested to sign up at for updates.

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Gracie No. 2457 2017-04-23 : 20:22

I would like more information, so that may March too

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