By Savannah Smith  |  04-23-2017   News
Photo credit: Jhandersen | Dreamstime has just broken the news that Johnston Wilson McGill, Hillary Clinton's assistant,has been found dead.

McGill, 34, was pronounced dead by a private doctor after apparently suffering from a heart attack. He reportedly died on his couch at home. His death was reportedly attributed by the doctor to natural causes.

The sudden death happened just days after McGill was summoned to appear before Trey Gowdy's congressional committee to give his testimony about Hillary Clinton's private email server scandal.

The news posted by one of the members of the 8ch. net site said that it was supposedly Huma Abedin, Clinton's deputy campaign coordinator, who found McGill dead when she stopped by for coffee to discuss Clinton's alleged plans to run for Mayor of New York. Abedin reportedly called the doctor who checked on McGill in desperate hopes of saving him.

The office of Trey Gowdy has yet to issue an official statement. But Gowdy's top aide, Mandy Gonsales, still according to the news posted in the discussion boards of, said that the committee is not happy over the shocking development.

According to the news posted, there will be no autopsy for the body, and McGill's remains will be cremated before sunset, consistent with the practices of his religion. McGill was an orphan and a single child, said the report. He has no known family members. No services are planned.

Followers of have varying reactions to the news shared by one of the members. Some were shocked while others seem to hint that the death is not surprising anymore, with some even suggesting that such deaths favor Hillary presumably for the " secrets" those unfortunate staff know. Some outright blamed that the death could be an inside job supposedly perpetuated by the Clintons no less. One claimed that McGill's death is the fourth mysterious death to the DNC in less than a month.

No official has formally announced and verified the news, however as of this posting of the breaking news. There are still no official statements from concerned offices and individuals regarding the reported death of a former Hillary Clinton assistant including from the side of Hillary herself. The discussions on 8ch. net are alive and kicking, though, with this report.

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Anonymous No. 2452 1492957563

> has just broken the news


David A No. 2458 1492979686

Seems this Johnston McGill news may be a fabrication, not picked up by other news medias, unsubstantiated, could be fake news. Where are other reports of his death, and why hasn't Gowdy camp come out to publicize it? Keep trying.

Anonymous No. 2470 1493026853

Odd but who knows?

George Berns No. 2471 1493030584

CNN just broke this story. However said the death was natural.

Joseph No. 2472 1493032934

This story has been circulating awhile and there's no evidence the guy actually lived in the first place - He has no web presence. The first reports of his death were a month ago. The story seems to have been made up.

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