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School Bus Driver in Hurry to Sex Meet-Up Leaves Autistic Boy To Die Onboard

A bus driver in California was so eager to have a sexual tryst with a colleague that he neglected to fully check his bus and left a severely disabled teen inside the vehicle on a scorching hot day. The special boy had little chance of survival under the circumstances and tragically died on the bus.

Bus driver Armando Abel Ramirez, 37, was so preoccupied with exchanging sexually explicit messages with a female colleague that he failed to check the bus to make sure everyone had left after driving them to school, before hurrying to his sexual escapade. Student Hun Joon "Paul" Lee was 19, had autism and the mental capacity of a three-year-old. He was also nonverbal, making it impossible for him to cry for help when he was left alone inside the bus on one of the hottest days of the year.

The boy was found dead on the bus, hours after leaving home, when his mother learned that he failed to turn up in school when she called his school. It was heartbreaking for the mother to see his son pronounced dead about eight hours after she last bid him goodbye for school.

The mother also shared to the media that there were only three other students on the bus when she saw off her son. Ramirez, a substitute driver, was working a split shift that tragic morning, and he neglected to check the back of the bus to make sure no students were left behind. It was discovered that Ramirez was exchanging sexually explicit text messages with fellow bus driver Annette Guerena at the time he was driving Lee to school. Among the messages exchanged were those where Ramirez told Guerena that "Even if it's hot, and we get all sticky, I'll just wash you down after." Guerena replied with " As long as I get a shower after… you know me and my showers… need to be fresh." His affair with a colleague and the rush to meet up for sex took Ramirez's attention away from the boy, focused as he was with his phone and racy text messages with Guerena.

The family of the special boy is now suing the company that employed the two bus drivers, as well as the local school district. Ramirez has already been jailed for two years over the incident that happened on September 11, 2015. The Lee family's case with the bus company and the school district is still ongoing.

Court documents containing the Lee family's allegations were filed earlier this week. The bus company, Pupil Transportation Cooperative, also filed court documents denying the claims. Guerena for her part testified that the bus company "never" informed them that having sex with colleagues on breaks was unauthorized activity. She reportedly told police that she "felt bad because she and Ramirez were laughing and having sex that time at Ramirez's house, while Paul Lee was left on the bus and was dying while they were having fun- and eventually died alone, without anyone to help him.


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