By: Major James Burdock | 04-22-2017 | News
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Hen Hen, F*ck You! - Why 10/3 are Great Betting Odds for Le Pen

You saw that. Paddypower is offering 10/3 on Le Pen right now. I was always taught to bet on a rigged table, so you are sure to win over time. Most sensible people bet on sure things and Le Pen is not that. But most good gamblers look at the last bet they missed out on and calculate the odds.

Reason 1: The French love saying "Fuck You." Even to one another. One-third are "undecided." I am telling you now that one-third would lie if they were ever polled.

Reason 2: Despite the flagrant efforts of the left to sway the election by sending out two absentee ballots to French citizens living abroad and their despicable campaigns to urge said people in London to vote twice, this reporter is of the opinion that they are simply too lazy to do it once, let alone twice. And for whom?

Reason 3: The most important part of saying fuck you is the reveal. It's quite like being flashed. But a Frenchman will give you the courtesy of winking his eye.

Get ready for the wink, folks. This reporter recently offered even money to his employer on Le Pen and the bet was rejected.

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