By: Earnest Wright | 04-21-2017 | News
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Pol Plans To Unmask Antifa With X-Ray Cameras

Creatives on Pol have come up with a great idea on how to unmask Antifa using IR filters. The $100 DIY X-Ray cameras can see through their masks and black edgelord clothing.

Some background information reveals that the infrared light is within the range of 700nm-1,000nm. The light is invisible to the human eye, but visible to most camera sensors, and is transmitted through certain clothing, particularly dark colored and thin cotton and polyester like ANTIFA’s bandanas.

There were news reports a while ago that indicated about a Sony video camera that could x-ray clothes. The same concept comes into effect with the DIY X-ray cameras. However, one does not need to have the exact camera, there are two steps to making one of these at home.

The first step is to remove the IR filter on the camera, and then filter the visible light so that the IR dominates the image. Users on Pol have embedded links to tutorials that show how to remove the IR filter on the camera:

A $60 action camera clone of the gopro is used, which should have good mounting options for the protest gear. The next stage involves reassembling the camera and glue this: over the lens, as close as you can get it to the lens housing. It’s that simple, for less than $100 you should have a basic infrared camera that can see through some clothing.

This link also demonstrates how it works:

However, it’s obvious that the camera is not perfect, nor will it unmask every antifa you catch on camera, but it should be able to give the doxsquads more to go on and preserve more evidence for later use.

It’s also worth noting that antifa won't know if their masks are protecting them or not. Based on what unfolded in Auburn, unmasking antifa sends them running immediately. The psychological aspect may be more potent than the information gathering.


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