By: Earnest Wright | 04-21-2017 | News
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Google Now Censors MEN-Related Searches, But Leaves WOMEN-Related Searches Intact

It turns out that search engines now don't show results for "men"-related searches and shows "people" instead, while keeping "women" related searches intact. This happens across most fields. It’s yet to be established as to whether they give lower google ranking for certain fields, but they're definitively pushing a narrative.

Sources indicate that Google hires contractors to rate website and search results. However, if they get caught, google just fires them and hires another. These contractors are probably packed with SJW's. Majority of people know that there has been a major censorship campaign going on in the mass media that has been pouring out in the real life. In the meantime, universities have started marking people down if they don't use gender-neutral nouns in their essays.

Companies have also started trying to introduce gender-neutral pronouns. This has extended into the internet being attacked it has been done stealthily. Google now officially censors the word "man" or "men", and replaces it with "people".

However, the mechanics of this stealth replacement isn't currently known, some sources claim it’s blatant censorship. Reports indicate that a quick Google search for influential "men" or "women" in gaming industry reveals that one narrative is completely blocked from the search engine.

However, if the search is extended to other less controversial subjects, it turns out that even subjects such as "computing", get censored into showing "people" instead of "men", while the search for "women" still gives gendered results.

Google has gone out of its way to give results that aren't even related to certain searches so that they can plug "people" instead of "men" in the page results.

Google’s move is totally unacceptable, the male gender is officially now non-existent, and "people" fought in the world wars, not "men", as SJWs effectively re-write history and eliminate toxic masculinity from it. This forces a narrative down people's throat. Everyone knows how dangerous censorship can be.


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Dumb anon No. 2421 2017-04-21 : 22:36

I dont get it, please explain

lefty anon No. 2423 2017-04-21 : 23:49

It means that if there is man and woman with same name there should be bigger chance that woman will show higher than man.

I don't really believe that this would make significant difference in google results tho, google algorithms controlling higher click-through rates with personalized results will revert this change for most people.

literally what No. 2438 2017-04-22 : 22:15

When you search "influential men" you get a picture of Hitler.

See for yourself.

anon No. 2461 2017-04-23 : 22:56

influential men gives drake mlk nelson mandela steve jobs……

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