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Photo credit: Dallas County Sheriff's Department

Texas - Drunk Driver Causes Horrific Highway Head-On Smash (Video)

A drunk driver in Texas was caught on video speeding down the wrong side of a busy highway when he lost control of the vehicle and killed a young mother. 31-year-old Guillermo Suarez was driving a Nissan Armada SUV when he sideswiped a vehicle causing it to slam into another vehicle. Suarez then struck another vehicle head-on and then that vehicle rammed into a semi-truck causing it to jackknife and hit the concrete divider in the center of the highway.

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Suarez vehicle then bursts into flames but he survived the deadly crash. The same could not be said for 23-year-old Amberly McCray who was pronounced dead at the scene after she was crushed inside her vehicle. McCray was the mother of a 9-year-old son. Her mother, Shawn Ross McCray, shared a link to a news article and wrote, "This is the person who killed my baby girl. I want everyone to see his face & know his name." McCray's cousin, Jarred Antonio Ivory, wrote a statement in her memory:

"You meant everything to me. I wish I could have told you that more even though you knew that already. You were the one person since childhood that always had my back, you were always rooting for me. No matter what it was I told you I going to do or wanted to do, you always went out of your way to tell me how proud of me you were, and I appreciated it every single time. You always came to me for advice, and I was always willing to give it. After my birthday you told me you were glad I enjoyed it and you couldn’t wait for yours next month, didn’t know that’ll be my last time talking to you, but I’m glad it was a good talk."

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Bystanders rush to the aid of a vehicle struck by a wrong-way driver on a Texas highway. A young mother was killed in the crash. The driver faces intoxicated manslaughter charges. <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; ABC News (@ABC) <a href="">April 24, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Bystanders rushed to the aid of the crash victims and struggled to get McCray out of her vehicle until emergency responders arrive. Dallas County Sheriff's Department is investigating the crash. Suarez is recovering in the hospital and faces charges of driving while intoxicated and intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle.

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Anonymous No. 24165 2018-04-25 : 14:55

I wonder if Suarez is a citizen? Sad that that's the 1st thing that pops into my mind but with their track record its hard not to.

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