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The Beta Uprising had already been put into drive but Toronto van terrorist Alek Minassian kicked it into high gear with one of the last Facebook posts shared before he used his van to murder ten people, injuring 15 others.

“The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!"

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Will this line one day be equivalent to "the die is cast" only time will tell. What is certain however is that the meme of "the Beta Uprising" seems to have somehow memed itself, horrifically, into reality. Of course, Minassian had to pay homage to the "Supreme Gentleman" Elliot Rodgers. Rodgers and Christopher Mercer are two of the most well-known "incel killers" but if you track these kinds of things you'll have noticed a definite uptick in bronies, furries, incels and other awkward outcast types taking their frustrations about their own lives out on the world.

If you're familiar with imageboard culture, you're certainly familiar with the "virgin v. Chad" series of memes. This meme grew out of the Elliot Rodgers manifesto which referred to "Chads" as the undeserving, attractive and successful "alpha male" types who get all the attractive girls ("Stacys"). After the Mercer murders, the FBI went so far as to warn schools in Pennsylvania of a possible attack when a user of 4chan's /r9k/ board threatened he would "take up arms" at university in the Philadelphia area.

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In all seriousness, I am willing to go out on a limb here and say that 2018 has likely not seen its last incel killing. Sadly, with the news of Minassian's affiliations with this community, a pall will fall over the legitimate Men's Rights Movement which is already characterized as a den of misogyny and bigotry. Disaffected MGTOW types and the odd incel who live up to the stereotype of the dangerously out of touch, socially awkward, "psycho nerd" do more damage to pressing issues men disproportionately face (suicide rates, paternal rights, education, incarceration rates, etc.) than a cadre of misandrists ever could on their own.

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Bruce No. 24066 1524594435

I don't believe this. Was this guy a Muslim? See the Muslim writing in windows behind Van after it stopped?

Phil No. 24067 1524595339


Nope, he's Armenian (like Frank Zappa and System of a Down). Armenians are Eastern Orthodox Christians. A lot of Armenians aren't big fans of Turks and Muslims since that whole genocide with the crucifixions and all.

That said, just because "Facebook confirmed this was his last post" doesn't mean I'm certain this was his last post or that he posted this at all. Sounds like he was definitely an Elliot Rodgers type (fringe incel misanthrope) but I can see this being used as further cause to ban "certain forums."

If not for "certain forums" there'd be a lot of lonely neckbeards out there with no community/interaction at all. Further ostracizing all that is not normie is NOT the answer.

As for the Muslim writing in the windows, I didn't see that. If you find a pic attach in the comments here. I'd like to see that.

Why Tag MGTOW? No. 24283 1524781207

I'm living the MGTOW lifestyle because it's stupid for men to give women legal and/or financial power over their lives given the biased, anti-male legal system. Why are you tagging MGTOWs legitimate grievances with the system? Author is an ignorant fool trying to paint the manosphere with a broad brush. Likely a pro marriage type that doesn't mind seeing men's lives destroyed through marriage and divorce.

Phil No. 24350 1524842565


I'm a firm believer in the need for a Men's Rights Movement. I am not trying to "paint the manosphere with a broad brush." That's why I said "the odd" as in, your typical guy interested in issues that affect males isn't "misogynist scum" as the mainstream media would have you believe.

I fear the possibility that soon anyone who thinks paternal rights, male suicide rates, incarceration rates and duration and other issues that disproportionately affect men will not only be seen as "a misogynist bigot" but also a potential terrorist.

I've done several articles on the subject of Men's Rights, in fact. Interviewed Cassie Jaye as well. Reading back through this, it appears to be an abbreviated draft of what I originally had (the spiel about "issues disproportionately facing men" should have been included). That's my bad, and I assume that's why you mischaracterized where I'm coming from.

If you see this AND you have a minute, please check this article out. I got some testimonials from guys in the Honey Badgers' Facebook group of being attacked by women when they were brave enough to talk about their experience of being sexually abused and/or raped after the #MeToo thing first broke.

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