By Steve Dellar   |  04-24-2018   Goldwater TV
Photo credit: Police Network and CEN

A 34-year old cyclist enjoying some music on his earphones apparently didn’t notice that the bus in front of him was about to turn right and as a result, he was ground to a bloody pulp underneath the wheels of the older styled Russian bus.

The incident took place at a busy junction in the city of Angarsk in south-central Russia. The cyclist, wearing a hoody and his ears covered in large headphones, can be seen splattering out into a bloody mess as the bus driver has him caught in a corner where he can’t see him because of the size of his vehicle.

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As can be seen, the victim, whose name has not been released by Russian authorities, later died at the scene of the accident.

The city of Angarsk is located in south-central Russia's Irkutsk Oblast region.

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Several commenters on social media sites in Russia stated that they couldn’t help but to see it over and over again.

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- Netizen ‘SaD’ said: "It happens all the time, the man was rushing and did not see anyone around him. He did not see the bus's indicators on."

- ‘drone’ added: "Cyclists should not ride in front of a bus. The bus driver had nothing to do with his death."


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oh no :(

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Aaah, that's gross

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Owwww man, you can see the blood splat out of him…

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