By: Diana Printz | 10-20-2016 | News
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Third Presidential Debate: Trump and Clinton Final Clash

MR. TRUMP refused to say that he will accept the outcome of the presidential elections. According to him he will just decide whether to accept it or not after getting the result on November 8.

Will the elections be fair? Based on the current news on mainstream media, wiki leaks, and Project Veritas Expose, I don't think it would be fair. They are hiring people to incite violence and there’s a news about voter fraud where they let immigrants vote multiple times. It’s really obvious that this election is rigged. It could be good that Mr. Trump is not going to concede if Hillary wins.

Mr. Chris Wallace of Fox news both welcomed Trump and Clinton in the debate hall in Las Vegas University.

The Wednesday’s debate consisted of six topics: debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court,

foreign hot spots, and fitness to be president.

Hillary Clinton wants an open border she will let a lot of people pour in United States,

Trump then said ‘we have no country if we don't have borders”. At a rally in Pennsylvania earlier this month,

Trump made a similar claim, that Clinton had made a "radical call for open borders, meaning anyone in the

world can enter the United States without any limit at all.

In the economy topic Trump wants American business leaders to make trade deals, the guy that actually knows how to make money.

Where Hillary wants political hacks to make the trade deals. Every trade deal since her husband was a president and when

she was secretary of state was bad for the united states. Trump will bring back jobs to the united states by bringing back

business that has fled because of high corporate income tax. Hong Kong economy flourishes.

Trump wants to make the corporate tax rate the same as Hong Kong. Clinton wants the middle class to rebuild America.

That means in simple words, the middle class will pay for it which will be increasingly more difficult as middle class

jobs move to the Philippines, India and China.

Trump believes that the United States can have the similar growth rates to China and India this actually can happen

if he brings jobs back to the USA. There is nothing stopping the USA from growing at the same rate as those other

two big countries.

Except trade deals that favor them over the American people.

On the abortion topic,

Mr. Trump says Abortion is fire he is pro-life and he will follow the law.

He’s publicly disgusted by the late term abortions which are equivalent to be a murder in his eyes.

Where in Hillary is up for increasing abortions, and making them more available to the Hispanics and middle class.

The next president may be in the position to appoint enough judges to the supreme court to overturn the Roe vs Wade decision

that legalized abortion in the United States.

Hillary calls Donald Trump as Putin’s puppet, Mr. Trump says that he really don't know Putin, but he seems nice to him.

If America and Russia will got along well, then that would be good so we can all together defeat ISIS. Hillary is projecting. She is trying to smear Trump as a friend of Putin, when there is no evidence of such thing.

The never ending issue of Donald Trump Sexually assaulting women have been brought up again.

Mr. Trump said that those allegations are completely false. On the other hand, Secretary Clinton was asked about

the leaked emails and Project Veritas expose and she didn't say anything about it.

I was waiting for her to say “I don't recall”

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