By: Savannah Smith | 04-23-2018 | Weird
Photo credit: Ryoichi Keroppy

Body Mod Fans Claim Drilling Holes in Heads to Expand Their Minds

Today’s young generation is becoming more adventurous in stuff like body modifications, but on the other hand they are also increasingly turning to more dangerous, far riskier things never before imagined. One trend becoming more popular in the body mod scene these days is trepanning, or the act of drilling a hole into our skull and allowing it to heal over.

Ryoichi Keroppy Maeda, the man responsible for promoting the “Bagelhead” movement, and body mod expert, said the process dates back more than 8,000 years. He said that it could still be a bridge too far for extreme modding.

The body mod expert even makes the prediction that trepnation is simply the first step, and that new modification of the brain of the skull is coming in the future.

Keroppy Maeda added: “Humans started trepanning millennia ago. Why would they do this? I’ve been told it expands your mind. Elevating our consciousness.”

Trepanning, considered extreme body modification even in today’s bolder scene, is mostly done underground, and considered illegal in some places. Modding is still advancing, though, at an alarming rate as enthusiasts even explore the idea of bio hacking.

The range can take anything from implanting glowing lights under one’s skin, to having magnets surgically placed into parts of one’s body.

Still, with everything he knows and despite his very liberal view of modification, Keroppy is the first to air reservations over trepanning. The man who has travelled the world meeting people with extraordinary mods warns about trepanning which is banned even in home country, Japan: “I don’t recommend people try this. It’s a very risky procedure. People I’ve met with holes in their head seem happy. They enjoy it. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.”

Some of those who have drilled holes in their skulls claim it “expands their minds.”

Keroppy is recommending “Bagelhead” instead which also involves injecting saline under the skin of the forehead causing it to swell. He said that by placing a thumb in the center of the swelling pocket in the forehead, the bagel shape forms.


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Ganges No. 23902 2018-04-23 : 11:39

This nonsense again? This "method" of getting high was debunked in the 1960's and its not going away. Its drivel.

Anonymous No. 23967 2018-04-24 : 01:25

Bagel head mvt… Sounds like a kike mvt

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