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Ranchers Stunned As Beaver Herds 150 Cattle

Ranchers were stunned by a beaver that herd 150 cattle. The curious heifers followed the lead as the beaver guided them through the extensive ranch in Saskatoon. The rare event was dubbed a very Canadian moment by the Saskatchewan rancher Adrienne Ivey who may have heard of a beaver, but until now, had never seen a beaver herd cattle.

The incident occurred on Friday, Ivey and her husband was surprised after they saw 150 of their heifers crowded together in one of their pastures. The two were very curious of the incident, they made their way to find out what was going on. They were shocked to find the herd of cattle following a beaver that had wandered along.

Ivey made a statement saying that the beaver was out and about trying to find a new place to build a beaver lodge and the herd of cattle was following him. The herd maintained a three-foot space around him. They didn't want to get closer than that.

Ivey also revealed that heifers are more inquisitive than the average bovine. That may explain why they may have decided to follow the beaver. She pointed out that heifers are a curious bunch, adding that they’re kind of like teenagers. She revealed that the beaver was able to herd the cattle out of their curiosity as they tried to figure out what the heck it was.

Ivey emphasized that the strange event was remarkable based on the fact that the beaver is Canada's national symbol. She said that it was so funny to see a Canadian beaver leading around a herd of Canadian cattle. The ranch has a number of sloughs and wetlands as revealed by Ivey, she said that beavers are often seen walking around.


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