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Insane Candidate For UK Parliament Thinks Famine Is Suitable For Weight Loss

A candidate for UK parliament made comments that took the world by surprise. Did you know that famine can do wonders for your figure? Are you struggling to shed weight? Well, food shortages, vitamin deprivation, and government rationing will help you get on the other side. However, you may die from it but the risk to look fabulous is worth it. That was the moral of the story from James Cracknell.

James Cracknell is a double Olympic gold medalist and a member of the Conservative Party. Cracknell has aspirations of becoming a member of the U.K. Parliament. He was speaking in an interview with Sky news when he revealed that North Korea and Cuba have a handle on obesity, adding that they're quite controlling on behavioral change.

One of the hosts interrupted Cracknell and raised important information about the fact that people are starving in North Korea. In response, Cracknell emphasized that the country has sanctions but the point he was trying to drive home was on behavioral change.

Cracknell’s comments are being criticized all over social media. However, he's not alone in suggesting famine is great for weight management. Cosmopolitan said the same thing a few years ago when it praised the Cuban diet.

Cosmopolitan's Rosie Mullender wrote in back in 2013 that in the years 1990 and 1995, Cuban people were forced to alter their entire lifestyles. They couldn't afford petrol, so the government provided them with bicycles. People started walking everywhere. Food was also in shorter supply and there were no supermarket aisles stuffed with junk food or wallets stuffed with money with which to buy it.

Mullender emphasized that the conditions made it impossible for Cubans to be fat. She also said that in a five-year period, they lost an average of around five kilos per person, which is over 11lbs. People ended up getting slimmer, they also started living longer, with fewer Cubans dying of diabetes and heart disease.

The fact of the matter is that Cubans didn't think of the food shortages, economic crisis and government-imposed rationing as a fun way to get rid of their weight.


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